Beach Walk Audio 6 – Sharks and Moms

beachwalkaudio graphicA two-topic episode and one amazing day!

Watch this episode in iTunes to see the embedded photos or check them out on Flickr. We had a shark sighting at the beach: one 10′ tiger shark. It caused the lifeguards to post a special sign, but otherwise, beach as usual. Gorgeous and inviting.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom Blanche. I love how we get along these days! (It wasn’t always that way…)

Links for reference:
Beach Walk #182
The Shark Movie I was in – Tiger Shark, Beyond Fear

Hawaiian words
Makuahine: mother
Manō: shark

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  1. Happy Mother’s day Lexi’s mom and Rox’s mom!


  2. SoCalGal says

    A very Happy Mom’s Day to moms everywhere. Nice pictures of your mom and dad in the enhanced audio podcast, Rox!

    Sharks are awesome.

  3. So I found some stats. Doesn’t bode well for Lexi’s kind, but they do make my point rather nicely!

    “In fact, in the United States, a person is 30 times more likely to be killed by lightning than by a shark. Dog bites are 1,000 times more common than shark bites.”

    National Parks Conservation Association