Beach Walk 423 – In With The New

Beach Walks has a new web site!

Like with all (tech) things new, please have fun kicking the tires and reporting any bugs to us. If you’re reading this message in your feed, please stop by so you can take a look, share this episode with others, and buy our new Beach Walks Theme song by Kaimoku. Secret Cameraman gets all the credit for the amazing new layout and features. gets the credit as our new provider for hosting the movie files.

Hawaiian words
ʻAno hou: new fashioned

Be in Touch!


  1. Secret Cameraman ROCKS!! He did an awesome job on the code and putting up with all my changes and tweak requests. Not that I can ever be demanding or anything like that…please let us know what you think.

  2. Love the new look. SCM you’re the bomb! Just had to test out the new comment section. Rox are you still running???????

  3. WOW – talk about chicken skin! SCM – you should do this stuff for a living :) I love the look and feel. Its so clean and clear and funtional – perfect!

    Re:running – My Nike+ is just sitting here, waiting for the Rox challenge. I need some inspiration before perspiration. I just wish the Nike+ worked with my video iPod so I could watch and run at the same time – well, maybe not a good idea :)

    Love ya guys! Aloha.

    Mahalo again SCM – nicely done!

  4. Nice new look and features for the site. So happy to see you with Hoping that my suggestion of them may have helped your decision. Those guys (Mike, Charles, Justin, Dina, et al) are the best!!


  5. SoCalGal says

    Great job on new site uplift, organization and new features!

  6. I love the new site! Clean, easy to use, yet interesting to look at and explore. Nice work!

  7. wow, SCM, great new site design! I’m Lovin It (McDonalds theme song playing)

  8. Mahalo everyone. Little tweaks still needed here and there but we’re very happy to be running the newest version of WordPress and our fancy Widgetized theme.

  9. @all of the runners! I actually did two workouts on the last trip that made it into my nano; i’d like to get credit for swimming somehow. :-) Looking forward to starting again, and will let you all know if I set up a beach walks challenge – which is on my to do list!

    @joe – we’ve been following (and occasionally cross-posting to) blip for a long time. I love the people there, and we were just waiting for a few features. I do find their servers load slower than ours, but it is a small trade off for the many other positives.

    @Dr. Trey – mcd’s takes on a whole new meaning now!