Beach Walk 422 – Spring Cleaning

They are dredging the river mouth this week and that causes a 2-way flushing action from the ocean to the inland water, which tends to get a bit skanky.

It’s a lot like life. Sometimes we benefit from cleaning things out, even though it means dealing with the crud temporarily. A routine of regular cleansing insures there won’t be too many backups. Call it spring cleaning, or flushing, or just maintenance, it definitely has its benefits!

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Mahalo nui Kaimoku for our new song!

Hawaiian words
Hoʻoholo i ka wai: to wash out

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  1. hey Rox,

    This was my first cleanse and i was really surprised how weird I felt and how many changes I went through emotionally as well as physically. I also found out I had several allergies especially wheat which I now realize makes me feel foggy headed.

    I’ve also been reading about diverse spiritual theories and I am starting to really question the belief that there really is any spiritual nirvana or enlightenment place to “get to” or “be free of”? I could be wrong, but it all feels like an infinite cycle of “ebb and flow” to me. I find I get free of something and then its just something else….more and more I’m starting to think its just about the ride and growing.

  2. It amazes me how much energy is attached to “stuff” regardless of whether it is tangible stuff, mental stuff (like thoughts) or physical stuff that is part of the body. Shifting the stuff indeed triggers a cascade of changes.

    Re your 2nd paragraph Jen, I don’t think there is a place to get to. The phrase I’ve heard and loved is, “You don’t have to learn or earn your way to [heaven, God, nirvana, bliss]. Being able to allow that to be present here and now is more than enough to experience enlightment and a true connection with the Divine.