Beach Walk 418 – No Need for Need

I was inspired by my friend Luci who is taking a hiatus from being “indispensable.” Want to join me in a 48-hour boycott of the word “need”?

We use that word so cavalierly, inadvertently pressuring ourselves and others. It actually has very limited applications. You’re invited to join me in abstaining from its use unless you are literally starving or freezing to death, or the like. See if you notice a difference in your brain and your body. See if it helps you lighten you up. See if life takes on less strain and more gain.

P.S. Sorry about the little QA issues in today’s show. We -need- want (!) to get those fixed ASAP.

Mahalo nui Kaimoku for our new song!

Hawaiian words
Nele: need
Makemake: want

Be in Touch!


  1. Bob Beardsley says

    The younger a person is, the greater are his/her “needs!”. The wisdom of the years helps us distinguish between needs and wants IMHO.

  2. Beautiful visions of the beach today…I can almost feel the air. Thank you for sharing. A few years ago I got a button machine, as I was “wanting” to come up with a “one-liner” that could wake people up to what was happening in our world and inspire positive change.
    One saying that seems to fit todays theme is:

    Want what you Have
    Give what you Need

    Lately I have been putting pansies that I dry from my garden in buttons and magnets, to share a bit of beauty and preserve their little moments of glory.
    I agree with Bob about being more content with what we have as the years bring us more wisdom and insights on what is “really” important to us and what brings us Joy…..

    Wisteria blooming in Oregon :^)

  3. Amazing. Simply amazing.

    Today, I could really feel the stress leaving my body as I realized that what I “needed” were not needs at all.

    I “want” more episodes soon!



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