Beach Walk 416 – Full Moon Cheating

I like to play Solitaire with a deck of cards. I also like to cheat! Watch to find out why.

Cheating: yet another concept that we at Beach Walks get to shake the neutralizer salt onto, and reclaim as something for ourselves to consider now and then.

Other things I like to do with cards is to deal backwards – starting the cards on the right and laying them out leftward. It makes my brain work differently, and these little mental workouts are one of the many reasons I like to play cards.

Nice bonus for getting to the beach late today: full moon rising. Sorry the episode is a little dark though. We even had our new light; alas batteries were dead from long trip to Bali.

Mahalo nui Kaimoku for our new song!

Hawaiian words
Kikiki: to cheat

Be in Touch!


  1. Welcome “Home”! Thanks for the beautiful visions of the beach, moon and your smiling face and Lexi’s joy.
    About Cheating….Perhaps its ok to just change the rules a little for ourselves.
    Change is constant. So we make up new sets of rules as we move through
    our lives, especially when we feel comfortable with being in charge of our lives. I play solitaire the same way….and I have fun. If your not having fun, then you might need to talk to the director of our “Central Casting”, and work on a “more fun” role.
    Raining in Oregon

  2. Rox – I am no longer surprised when your show topic has something to do with my recent life happenings. Just last week, I started playing Solitaire on my iPod after watching your show in the morning during my morning cardio. I cant seem to find the “cheat” setting though :)

    aloha and welcome back!


  3. @Marie – I definitely think it is OK to change the rules in many cases. It’s “easy enough” to consider in advance what the likely consequences are and make the judgment call. I like your notion of “Central Casting” too!

    @Peter – the problem I find with playing solitaire digitally is there is no ability to cheat – or lay the cards Japanese direction instead of western orientation, etc. In the analog version (real cards!) I can pick a pretty deck and I can literally lay out the game and play the game any way I like – it’s really much more open to personalization. Maybe the next version of solitaire will have an override button included.

  4. Rox,
    The difference in your attitude and energy after coming back from vacation was very evident in this show. I could tell how happy you were to be back in familiar sourrondings. Your happiness lifted mine as well.