Beach Walk Audio 4 – So Much Stuff

I speak somewhat in jest.

beachwalkaudio graphicPlease come to Bali and help out with the supply and demand situation.

But really, I am so confused by retail. I just don’t get it. Maybe you can listen to this episode then help me understand it??

Hawaiian words
Kūʻai hele: shopping

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  1. Funny I too was thinking today about all the “Stuff” out there to buy, to sell, to “Have to Have”, to give away, to make. Then I wonder how much is really useful, and what and who are you supporting by buying the stuff? I don’t go quite as far as your #2 wondering about the math….but I do wonder how all the little stores, out of the way stores, make the rent, much less a living.
    Do we need another shopping center? Don’t we have enough to choose from already? It make me dizzy. We need more meaning, not just stuff… so my #2 says….”when is enough enough?
    Beautiful Spring day in Oregon….I am content with that!

  2. PS I must admit…..there is some beautiful works of art there….carvings and baskets and I am sure much more………perhaps they need a community artisans group web page….”Creative Expressions from Bali” and sell direct….all over the net/world. Hmmmmm

  3. I think what Marie said about internal contenment is key. I grew up as part of the 80’s suburbian mall rat generation hanging out at the mall for pleasure. I have found the more I find ways to internal contentment via: meditation, body practice, creativity and connection the less and less acquiring stuff interests me. Not to mention it seems ridiculous that the human race has such a plethora of resources and so people many people on the planet live in such poverty. I don’t believe its about lack of supply rather its about lack of ingenuity. Thankfully some really amazing people are dreaming up solutions like The Soul of Money Institute.

  4. I think it’s about mood altering. Some people mood alter with shopping, some with alcohol, drugs, gambling…my ‘substance of choice’ happens to be food.

    I know plenty of people who shop to lift their spirits, resulting in the now well known phrase, ‘retail therapy’.

    As the others have said, really it’s our #2s that are empty. At least in the Western world. That’s how I see it.

  5. Hello Rox,
    don’t you know that what the retailers lack in markup, they make up in volume? hahahah. . .
    Every car salesman in the country uses that come-on for buyers – we don’t charge much so we can sell more.
    So, with that logic, the reason there is so much “stuff” out there that no one will buy is simply to increase the demand.
    * * *
    In the military , if we wanted anything brass, we went to Korea; if we wanted anything carved, we went to the Philippines; and if we wanted cheap ripoffs, Thailand was a favorite destination
    So, the word circulated, and the demand increased, even before new troops arrived, they were “advised” about where to get things from the veterans who had been there before.
    So, in order to create a demand for products worldwide, just produce more than anyone will possible purchase, and the world will beat a path to your establishment.
    It’s the new cosmic economics for the new millennium. . . really … honest … you can look it up… just visit:

    enjoy. . .

    Until that time … aloha y’all … Earl J.