Beach Walk 414 – Enjoying the Process

I went to see one of the local dance performances in Bali at the Arma Museum.

Just me and one other tourist in the audience! No matter, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, and it reminded me to not get attached to doing things for others.

Arma Museum

Pics on Flickr as I can.

Mahalo nui Kaimoku for our new song!

Hawaiian words
Luana: enjoy

Be in Touch!


  1. That was very sweet, Rox. A perfect mix of message and visuals to support your thought for the day.

    Missing you.

  2. Delectable insight Rox–just what we needed to hear today as just yesterday we identified a bit of inertia from moving on with developing our internetTV show. Mahalo plenty, and we hope your Bali adventure is…well, adventurous!

  3. I agree, many times we try to make things so that other people will be happy when we make video blogs. We can not not make them for ourselves though.