Beach Walk 412 – Kebun Indah, Beautiful Garden

Please enjoy this tour of the bungalow in Bali where I am staying for the week.

I took stills because otherwise this episode would be 10 mins long and that would take me about 5 hours to upload from the internet cafe in Bali. 🙂

It is a slow time for tourists and most Americans have been scared off by the State Dept warnings so I am the only guest and feel quite like the queen. Delicious breakfast delivered to me room every morning. Gorgeous room with large bath and balcony, and view of the rice terraces where I get to observe village life.

Pics on Flickr as I can.

Mahalo nui Kaimoku for our new song!

Hawaiian words
Māla: garden (“Kebun” in Indonesian)
Nani: beautiful (“Indah” in Indonesian)

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  1. sheesh, i sure wish i were there. It seems so relaxing.

  2. Wow, what an absolutely stunning place. Are you having any withdrawals not being or having easy access to the ocean? Ubud appears to more in the center of Bali.

    If I’m reading the literature correctly, Ubud is the arts and culture center of Bali too.

    It’s sad because of what’s going on in the world that tourism is down. Places like Bali could use all the income from visitors it can get.

    What a wonderful start to my day.

    Mahalo Rox for taking us with you to Bali!

  3. warnings, smarnings!

    I had no idea that geckos made noise. Maybe hes waiting for you to throw a bug his way 🙂

    thanks for the pix


  4. More related Bali vacation, seem you enjoy much.
    Have nice holiday!!

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