Beach Walk 411 – Walking the streets of Ubud

Here are some scenes of the Ubud, the village in Bali where I am staying for the week.

This is an unfiltered view of scenes captured on one of my daily walks into town. I am staying on the edge of Ubud, and tomorrow will show you my little retreat at Kebun Indah. The internet seems to have slowed down measurably since I arrived (!) so I am thinking about doing audio more than video this week. It is taking me a few hours a day to upload files. That’s not on my retreat agenda!

There is an interesting interchange of elegant and primitive, ancient and modern in this village. What you cannot experience too much is the lovely, generous quality of the people. Or the many smells of this place. If you don’t like incense, you might find Bali difficult on the nose.

Mahalo nui Kaimoku for our new song!

Hawaiian words
Holoholo: to take a walk

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  1. Raw uncut video is one of the great pleasures of the Internet. No manipulative editing, no “message” to convey, just recording reality. I appreciate it when someone lets me make up my own mind. Not to mention, it’s easier to film!

    Thanks, Rox. Looking forward to more!


  2. Rox, wow really different from Hawai’i isnt it? I hope you are having a great time, but please hurry home.

  3. Cool… I like the driving in the car part. I always have my camera on while driving. Its funny, no one likes it when I get home. They want me to pan around and all that stuff. Thats just the way it looked to me!!! Keep up the good style. Look up at the moon tonight, I’ll be looking back. Most of all have fun.

  4. I loved the footage. So nice to see the variety of shots. Enjoy your trip!

  5. Absolutely awesome, Rox! Beautiful in both the content and the simplicity with which it was assembles.

    Wonderful episode.

  6. rush in n louisiana says

    white walls, red ceiling, black columns, black coffee
    high tech resting upon high teak (?)
    so peculiar to be “here” checking out “there”
    (–just a guess and voila)
    an hour for 16,000! get that modem/puppy in gear!
    thats two expressos!
    Great tour!

  7. Wonderful footage. Pollyana or not, there’s a lot to romaticize there. I especially liked seeing the street altars. I hope you had a great time.