Beach Walk Audio 2 – Take Your Stuff With You

It’s another audio podcast, from Bali. Recorded during a rainstorm, talking about running away with your stuff, instead of pretending it’s possible to leave it all behind.

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Jeff Pulver’s VON
Tony Katz

Hawaiian words
Kaʻahele: travel

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  1. Hey Rox. Great show. Loved the pictures playing in iTunes while you spoke – beautiful.
    As far as the material stuff, I too need my surrounds to be ‘simplified’. Actually when traveling, the 1st thing I do when I get to our room is take all the signage, commerical magazines, and whatever else I know isnt going to be relevant to my stay and stash it all in a closet or drawer. I know its mental, but I can actually breathe better when a space has been de-cluttered. As far as the internal stuff, mine usually tends to deal with things that are back at home like work, co-workers, traffic – so its nice to get away from it yet still keep it working on it in your mind so that when you go back home and have to face it again, you think back to when you worked on it and remember how you felt in that relaxing and comfortable enviroment – I find it brings some positive energy to an otherwise negitiave situation.

    BTW – I could totally smell the rain as you described it. It may of have been a bit off though because my favorite rain smell is in NM.


  2. For me beach walks and talks are expansions of my vision of beautiful sights and expansion of my thoughts as well. I feel a connection with many of the subjects you touch on as it seems other viewers do too. A sense that we are not alone with our journeys. You also introduce us to new ideas, visuals, music and directions to ponder. Its about sharing and connecting. I think an important question is What do you get from doing Beach Walks? I appreciate you and SC sharing these moments and your time and energy with us….but is appreciation enough? Hmmm perhaps….
    Smellavision….I like that…Ahhhh yes I could almost smell the rain and the exotic smells amist in the air. The air is one of the many things I enjoyed the most during my visit to Kauai….Ahhhhh so full of life! Thanks for sharing the rain and more..from a distant place. Don’t think too much there…..ha!!
    Thank you for being

  3. Thanks to Peter d mentioning the pictures…since I saw no pictures I tried again….and thank you for sharing beautiful visions….oh my the rock work…how very beautiful…all of it. The simple things that bring us Joy!

  4. rush l l in n louisiana says

    the real player version on my computer went silent at 6:24 into message.

  5. Gosh, so many thoughts is all directions start to flow from the input you provided in today’s podcast.

    Since you are successful working for yourself, I like the idea of writing a book – that type of task seems like a good fit. What interest you enough to write about? I loved when I watched JK Rowling being interviewed and she had this box of written ideas, pieces of stories and character bio’s all tossed in a box. Some how she can extract those pieces and assemble a story – I think that’s fantastic.

    Thank you again for the energy from Bali. I think I’ll listen to it again as it’s very content rich! Aloha…

  6. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    How I enjoy Beachwalks — and do find you a most fascinating individual on how you view life. We are opposites in many ways, but I have learned to consider doing some things differently because of your ideas and approaches to life. For example, as you’ve commented, you enjoy people and relating. I may “appear” to enjoy people very much, although remain very guarded within, realizing my past of being stalked has left its mark. However, after several rx doses of Rox, I’m ready to ‘rip’ off my airplane seat for another should I find one more comfortable to my liking… appearances aside, so to speak! Thank you for being who you are and sharing that. A guy complimented me in the grocery store today on my looks, and I didn’t have the “gotta get out of here” gut reaction; I took it for what it was. So there is change in the air! You turned me on to the NikePlus — have hosted a site this month and I should log in over 100 miles. So it’s all been positive on my side of the fence. If I was closer, would help assist you on the technical, grunt end of things. Yes, I’d buy your book 🙂 It’s fun hearing from you in Bali — audio or visual. You’re the breath of fresh air to many as the Bali breeze smells from the rains. Many thanks.

  7. Woooo! So many wonderful comments. Mahalo and merci and thank you each and all.

    @rush: I am sorry about that issue. Was it needing extra time to buffer? Let us know more and we will help you troubleshoot it.