Beach Walk 409 – Enough Time

Aloha! Secret Cameraman here.

As I write this, Rox is somewhere over the Pacific Ocean on her way to Bali. First stop, Guam. Then another 7+ hour leg and she arrives in Bali. Somewhere around 3:30 AM Hawaii time.

We ran out of time to get to the beach today to shoot a show. Funny, she didn’t mention that when she was talking about having enough time to get the things done you want and need to get done on a daily basis. She did, however, mention that there magically seems to be enough time to get the things done that we have to. She and I have very different attitudes and ideas toward time and productivity. But in the end, we make a great team and do manage to get done what we need to get done.

This is Rox’s first real vacation in 7-8 years. She does travel a lot, but it’s always for business. And while I have no doubt she’ll be answering emails and dealing with some client issues even while in Bali, I like to ask for everyone’s help in sending peaceful and relaxing energy and thoughts her way. She certainly deserves this personal retreat.

Mahalo nui Kaimoku for our new song! Here’s more music from Kaimoku: The Ukulele Experiment.

Hawaiian words
manawa: period of time
hua.hua: productive, prolific

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  1. …Bali seems very exotic – what a wonderful vacation. It looks like Hinduism or a Balinese variant is the primary faith there. I am always curious how much religion affects how people approach life; whether it’s intense and driven or more passive and gentle. Oceans of aloha on your vacation Rox! 🙂

  2. Aloha SCM and Rox. Just wanted to say to Rox that she deserves a very relaxing vacation. I hope you relax while your away.

  3. What a great web page! In Minnesota there are not many walks by the ocean to be had…..10,000 lakes though!

    I saw your link on the GOA page, and I am glad that I stopped in. 🙂

    Best wishes to the “Island”,
    Speedcat Hollydale

  4. @Jonnie and @Bill – Mahalo for the kind wishes. She does indeed deserve some down time. She does indeed deserve it.

    Another interesting thought: Bali is 18 hours ahead of Hawaii time. Next time I speak to Rox, I’ll actually be talking to her in the future…

    @Speedcat – Aloha and welcome. What’s the “GOA” page?

  5. Rox is ALWAYS ahead of her own time 🙂

  6. Be time is so ahhhhhh!!! There will always be things to do.
    Appreciating those “be” moments, when you just meld with
    the energies around you. Let the adventures begin!!!
    Sending you lots of light and “good Energy” and many
    moments of ahhhhh-ness or awe-ness and lots of visuals
    to dazzel your being.
    ^) Marie

  7. Awhhh poor Lexi, she knows you’re going somewhere. I feel so bad leaving my dogs. I’m sure you feel the same. Have fun, be safe.