Beach Walk 407 – Exploration

I am going to Bali to experience a different type of energy – energy from the other side of the world.

I am not trying to escape my challenges, rather I am intentionally taking them with me to experience them in a different environment, with a different perspective.

We also have a beautiful new theme song, written just for us by Kaimoku! You can find more music from Kaimoku: The Ukulele Experiment.

Hawaiian words
ʻImi loa: to seek far, explore

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  1. Suan and my dog Lexie says

    Hi Rox,

    Have a wonderful, relaxing trip to Bali — just don’t feed those monkeys and the vultures seeking rupiah!

    Your friend Maggie V. actually rode through my little town in Texas on her bicycling excursion on Easter Sunday. Leave it to be the one time that our weather hit a cold snap breaking all records! I’d say you’re both pursuing amazing adventures!!!

    All the best. Stay safe.

  2. When you speak of energy, are you talking about that of the land, or what you feel from the people (or both)?

    And is the energy in Hawaii the same or different since you moved there? (…just curious)

    And I guess both of these questions leave me with a sense of you are searching, or maybe that’s what I doing by watching and listening to podcasts from 2,500 miles away.

    I certainly feel like I’m supposed to be someplace else a lot of the time, and sometimes that feeling is confused with that of past places I’ve already been (and it gets even more strange if the feeling of past places is a place I’ve never been).

    Bali has a magical ring to it – it will be wonderful to hear some of your thoughts and experiences about Bali.

  3. @Susan – that is very cool about Maggie! I still think cold is easier to tolerate than heat when doing heavy exercise….

    @Jonnie – I think the energy comes from all of the above and then some! There are historical threads to a place, along with the spnotaneous moments that magically appear. The enrgy of Hawai’i is definitely different for me living here, and, I really experience the mainland differently when I go back there, compared to when I lived there. Sounds like the making of an episode!

  4. Yeah! Bali – here we come! Quick….everyone in the camera case 🙂

    Safe/enjoyable/relaxful/easy/thrilling/inspiring trip to you.


  5. Sounds exciting!

    Several years ago Kent and I took a plane to New Mexico. We didn’t plan any itinerary or a place to stay and we didn’t know anyone. We just showed up and went with the flow.
    We had some amazing experiences and met some really interesting people.
    For me it enabled a great shift at a time when I was kind of burned out and stagnant.
    It was just what I needed to open up to new perspectives or “energy”.