Beach Walk Audio 1 – Kanikapila Hawaiian Music

Surprise! It’s an audio podcast. Learn some interesting facts about the Hawaiian music industry.

This was recorded walking on the beach, using an iRiver and a little headphone mic. I am hoping to send out an audio show once or twice a week, to lighten the work load. I figure it saves me about 80% of the time compared to a video episode! And it will give me an opportunity to do some other things, like longer shows that go into more depth on a topic, different types of interviews, and maybe even some guided meditations.

Please check out my interview on Podcast 411, posted on 4/11 – pretty nice timing! And also Doctor Trey (who inspired my sunglasses and is producing Mighty J – episode #364) released a show he recorded with Secret Cameraman and me last Saturday. For those of you wanting to know more about Mr. Secret, here’s your chance!

Mighty J
Kanoa of GoMega
Kimo Watanabe

And after 6 months of prodding, I’ve surrendered and started using my Twitter account.

P.S. We are going to be taking Sundays off until further notice. Please enjoy the peace and quiet. 🙂

Hawaiian words
Kani ka pila: play music

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  1. Hi Rox & Secret Cameraman,

    Enjoy your walks and here is my comment about the ‘talk’:

    If it is possible to show a slide show of the beach and have the waves crashing in the background of your audio I believe it will enhance this new method of Aloha inspiration.

    Aloha & Calmtouches,


  2. Hey Rox..your podcast was excellent. great quality and a topic I’m sure was interesting to most. However, I really missed the video of the beach. Just not the same without it.
    Good luck with the new format…


  3. Mahalo for your comments. FYI, my plan is to do one or two audio podcasts a week, and 4-5 video. I am a video junkie too, but sometimes life happens instead! next one will also be AAC-format, which allows me to embed images at placemarkers along the way. You do need to “watch-listen” in iTunes though.

    The mic I used did not pick up much waves, and it was very windy so I was shielding the mic too. We’ll do some experimenting – keep the comments coming!

    FYI I recorded this at 11 pm last night.

  4. Rox, really enjoyed hearing your first audio podcast. Congratulations. I fully expect that my listener count will drop because they would probably want to hear more content which is where you show comes in. 🙂

    For the record, the numbers that you’re quoting me on are of the old Hawaiian music industry. It would appear as though, since file trading has come about Hawai’i has actually gotten hit harder than mainstream music. Our industry is very sluggish these days. I do hope that people start buying Hawaiian music again, at the very least to keep Hawaiian Music alive. Listeners of Beach Walks, if you love the music, please support it and tell your friends to support it by purchasing rather than trading, and by going out to watch these bands perform.

    On the subject of a slideshow, I know you’re looking for ways to ease the work-load, but I do believe that the pupu player allows you to create a slide show within their player. I’ll research it a bit and let you know if I’m wrong. I’m almost never wrong though, cause I’m smart. That’s probably why I have such a big head.

    Oh hey thanks for the new shades and sushi! wow that sounds like a good title for something. Shades and Sushi.

  5. I don’t have Twitter, but am currently listening to The Brothers Cazimero perform The Sound of the Sea Surrounds Me (over the roar of an very annoying PC fan).

    I love today’s audio podcast! …I hear the music and your voice, and in my mind I’m right there on the beach – perfecto! Wait, where’s Lexi and SC?

    Any idea of the percentage or ratio of CD’s that are sold out of the state of Hawaii (compared to sales on the islands)? Is all Hawaiian music considered Indy? I buy 99% of mine from Hawaii.

    Dr. Trey is lots of fun. I’ve only started to listen to his podcast; seems very smart and has a quick wit. I actually wanted to be a recording engineer 30+ years ago. Wow, where’d the time go… 😉

  6. Jonnie, The bulk of the Hawaii CDs sold are sold here in Hawaii. I don’t have any actual figures but its true. We often hear about how big the Japan market is, but if it really were that big, I would think that I’d see sections dedicated to Hawaiian Music instead of clumping it into world music. I would think I would see more bands touring Japan rather than bands going to Japan to accompany a Japan Halau (although this is not such a bad thing because there are more hula dancers in Japan than in Hawaii.) So, although there are musicians touring the continent and Japan, it’s not really as big as the hype would suggest.

    Thank you for listening from San Diego Jonnie, we very much appreciate your tuning in. As for the very smart and quick wit. Me is very good brain! (said in a tarzan like voice)

  7. Visuals are so powerful. I truly enjoy the visual walks….however….
    Everyday seems like way too much work, even tho I so enjoy seeing the ocean and waves, I also enjoyed walks in the mnts and other vistas. I believe in “Be” time, so my personal feeling that keeps popping up, is why not just 3 times a week? Say Mon, Wed, Fri? You could start your work week, then hump day with a nice visual, then end your week on a final note for the weekend. Do we have to be busy doing something everyday, every moment? Do we feel guilty if we just do nothing? Its time in those nothing moments when the most happens. Be time is good. So I vote once or 3 times a week for walks & talks with Rox. We want you to feel those ahhh moments of contentment with what is.

  8. Ipo of Gomega says

    loved the show can’t to hear you live pod cast =ipo=