Beach Walk 400 OTR – Take a nap

Rain and weekend and data on sleep-deprived modern humans means a nap is due.

Research on the benefits of napping has been around for a while. But it’s a hard habit to adopt in the midst of a macho world, a “wasp-y” world that believes you will lose advantage somehow. I think consciousness is being able to actually implement data into our lives. Here are some links with data!

Napping Tips at
The Art of Napping
Napping increases productivity
Napping at work on Spherion Blog

Hawaiian words
Hiamoe iki: nap

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  1. Really loved this format today! Soft and simple, without the movement of the walk.

    Nice job, Rox. 🙂

  2. People laugh at the pillow I keep in my at-work office, but a nap after lunch is really invigorating. I find that I only need to doze off for a minute or two to banish the “drowsies”, although 15 to 20 minutes is optimal. My office at home has a wonderful Stressless recliner that even has an adjustable headrest to make sleeping easier.
    Rox, you’re so right about naps being frowned upon in the US. Will we ever let go of puritanism? Isn’t the nap just another laziness virtue?

  3. I was having some probs with my meds making me sleepy during the day, and so I put a standard size pillow out in my truck for lunchtime naps at work, weather and temps permitting. I keep meaning to find some great place with a view to park and nap on the weekend just for fun, it’s still on my ‘to do’ list.

    Dr. Sara Mednick who works for the Salk Institute (which is 10 minutes North of San Diego in La Jolla) studies napping, has produced a book on the subject, and features an interactive chart on her website showing the optimum time to take a nap, based on the time you rise in the morning.

    Napping is also great for triggering the body to make human growth hormone which is linked to cell repair (muscle and bone).

    Mahalo Rox – what a perfect way to start my Saturday!

  4. Hey Rox – great subject. I really needed to hear someone else’s view on the subject. For the last couple of months, I’ve been napping on the weekends and have been feeling “guilty” for doing so. I know its because of how we’ve been conditioned to think about napping being lazy, but actually after I wake up from a nap I find myself to be extremely productive – doing things that I wouldnt have done had I not taken the nap to start with.


  5. Love hearing the rain on this episode; napping to rain is soothing. (BTW, you look great on AppleTV!)