Beach Walk 397 OTR – Looking for trouble

It’s easy to fall into a mode of looking for trouble, instead of enjoying life as it is.

Some professionals are trained to look for trouble; the rest of us can get side-tracked by it, as it becomes a cover or a distraction. And it’s often initiated by that pesky little #2 personality, the monkey mind that doesn’t understand – a) how powerful each of us is and b) how safe we are when it comes to matters of everyday work and relationships.

What trips you up? Do you spot the flaws in a new idea first or do you embrace the possibilities knowing that the bugs can be fixed in due time? Do you find looking for trouble a useful strategy?

P.S. My beach location this week is revealed. 🙂 Congratulations to several of you who apparently have a PhD in “beaches.” (Way to go Tommy and Peter!) Weather is nice and sunny during the day – but you know me. I like the beach early and late when it’s us and the birds!

Hawaiian words
Pilikia: trouble

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  1. FYI-The multi tasking discussion is on home page of yahoo this morning, edt. You are ever so timely with your topics Roxy!

  2. Amy Goodharbor says

    I really, really enjoy beach walks. I watch every episode before I head off to work. I love the ocean and the beaches that are visited. I hope to reside in Hawaii someday.

    Thank you for your time in sharing these video’s with me,

    Hoi Hou,

  3. I’m surprised this topic hasn’t drawn more comments.

    I’ve been internally critical (of the person’s motives) in the situation where they are going after the 10%. Initially I thought they were being knit-picky, and then I felt awkward when their questioning panned out to something legitimate. It’s dicey if you don’t fully know a topic or process to figure out where the 90 and 10 percent borders are.

    Palm Beach is pretty, however I think Hawaii is still my fave so far.

    And I’m on the same page with Amy about living there (Hawaii) someday – however my dream is probably the monkey-mind just looking for an escape from the daily grind.

  4. Judy & Joanie, Go for it. The time is now. I have thought about all the negative, troubling feedback I get in my area, SE Michigan. It seems its always there. Looking for trouble, well, thats Detroit. Its hard to get out of that mode. On my recent Fact Finding Mission to Hawaii I found it completely opposite… the positive me liked that, and thats the person I want to be. The “Pursuit of Happiness” will soon become reality. Getting ready to sell the house is in full gear.