Beach Walk 396 OTR – Matters of Attention II

This attention topic from yesterday brings out the urge to generalize. At Beach Walks, we like to be specific.

For more info, read the show notes from yesterday’s episode, as there are two links with great research, and several informed viewer comments!

Where am I? Several of you are getting close, Stay tuned as tomorrow’s episode will break the suspense.

The Ainokea Episode
The #1 and #2 Personality

Hawaiian words
Nānā: attention

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  1. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    OK, so thinking outside the box — does the secret location mean you’ve found that notorious ocean front property in Nebraska?

  2. Looks a little cold and dreary at sunset in #$%@&! Wish I was there with you both. Can’t wait to visit the locale myself! I too like to multitask, though wonder if it isn’t the “in” word for ADHD similiar to “issues” instead of problems.

    Susan is on to something with Nebraska!

    Love ya Rox & SC


  3. Did I find you?

    S County Rd
    Palm Beach, FL 33480

    Aloha 🙂

  4. When I spotted the “NO DOGS ALLOWED” sign I would guess the beach was is Los Angeles area (where my k9 pal and I continue to live on the criminal edge with mad dashes across the sand before being spotted by cruising lifeguards). Maybe you’re further south in Orange County area, Newport?.

    As always enjoying the walks big time.

  5. I thought it may have been Boca Raton, all the condo’s, and the retirees in the background watching their grandchildren. S County road makes it Palm Beach. Its not a nice quiet beach as you have in Kailua. It is quite different. Spring break !!!

  6. I think its somewhere in Florida too…..Is this a test? Ah, I just think it’s for
    fun. We need more fun in our fast moving, multi-task world. They say the Universe is Expanding, and I wonder if we might be expanding right along with it. Expansion is good, isn’t that what consciousness is? Hmmmmm
    So try to have fun while multi-tasking, I think that is where Joy comes from too….Hmmmmmm

    Marie In Talent Oregon,
    Where it snowed today,
    after 78 degrees the day before
    Even the weather can multi-task!!

  7. It must be in Florida…look how short the coconut palms are.

  8. Congratulations to all the “Florida” and “Palm Beach” guessers. We threw in that flash of “S County Rd” right before the shot down the lane of The Breakers ( as a little hint. 😉

    We’re not staying there, but pass by it every day on our way to shoot the show at the beaches around the area.

    I’m headed back to Hawaii tomorrow but Roxy stays on here for a few more days. So keep checking in to see the shows she’ll be doing on her own.

    And thanks for all the great guesses and comments lately. It really helps keep the energy and spirit flowing at the end of these long days when it gets to be after 10pm and we still have several hours worth of show editing and encoding to do!