Beach Walk 394 OTR – New Friends, New York

Leaving New York today, so here’s a short show from the airport. It’s a personal thank you to my New York friends.

I have always had wonderful trips to New York though the time passes far too quickly! The BlogHer Conference was very stimulating – being in the presence of so many engaged and smart people. Bill Cammack of has become a great friend and has truly earned an honorary Beach Walks cameraman award. We plan to post excerpts of my panel presentation on our Bare Feet Studios podcast. Then at the last possible moment, I made two new friends, Eric and LV who drove in from White Plains and then took me to Newark Airport! Life is good.

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Hawaiian words
Hou: new
Hoaloha: friend

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  1. Rox, it was a true surprise treat of this weekend to not only find out you were in NY, but to get to spend some time with you. Come back soon! And in 2008/2009 we plan to try to make it to Hawaii for the Slam scene there. We’ll use your great intro outside the airport on our YouTube Bed Vlogs tommorow []. Thanks for doing that; for lunch; the conversation and everything. HUGE hugs,
    — Eric ZORK Alan [National Slam Poet]
    — Professional poet & BED VLOGGER

  2. Ipo of Gomega says

    wow! sounds like you had fun can’t wait to hear more about it! miss you guyz! =ipo of gomega=

  3. Great to see you and hang out as usual, Rox! 😀

    The time sure did FLY! It seemed like every time I turned around, I made a new BlogHerBiz friend! The energy was really great at the conference, and I’m making new blogging plans right this minute based on things I learned over those two days.

    PS – Way to go with the picture-in-picture FX! 😀