Beach Walk 392 OTR – The Other Side of Talent

I’m at BlogHer Business Conference in NYC and we are here to show the way for companies to find a voice in the blogosphere to change how they communicate with customers.

What stops a lot of people, is either thinking they have nothing to say or thinking they are not talented enough to be a writer, a speaker, or on-camera. Today’s show is in response to all the people remarking on the amazing musical talent in Hawai’i, as well as this quote from Barry Diller at the Web 2.0 conference about user-generated content, which is any content produced by people who are not entertainment or media professionals (that’s 99% of us):

When you get into forms of entertainment, talent always wins out. There isn’t that much talent in the world. An audience of 8 to 12 people might be interested in someone’s individual expression, but the process of people with talent and expertise making entertainment products won’t be displaced by 18-year-olds making videos.

PR professional Jeremy Pepper shares his view that a lot of people making “entertainment products” are actually not all that talented, but instead have good looks or good agents.

Can you guess the Beach Walks take on this topic? Watch the show and then let me know what you think.

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  1. Barry Diller’s comment summarizes quite nicely the arrogance and really, the state of denial that much of Old Media is still in. This is what the suits say to each other to make each other feel ok. I see it corporate America constantly: “The world is really the way I say it is in my memos.” The idea that you can define and export your version of reality from the corner office. I call it dementia presidentia.

  2. I have to wonder how much of what Diller says publicly is meant to stir the pot. There’s always going to be this juggling act of manipulation of artistic people and creating an environment that draws artistic people; both sustain the business machine that perpetuates itself. For me, watching and listening to podcasts is a flavor of, or feels like PBS/NPR; stories and features off the beaten track that give us a bigger picture of our world. I would never want to market Hawaiian artists and their music like a fad, and in the same breath, I’d like to see a Hawaiian music category in Billboard magazine too. I’d love to see the kids that are trapped into pop music about prison and street life turned on to more positive energies like that I’m feeling from Hawaiian music artists. Now that would be aloha!

  3. I used to believe so strongly in authentic online communication, and because of the way I’ve seen things go in the last year or so, I’ve become really pessimistic. This is a really important topic, personally and professionally. Hope you have a wonderful time in NYC Rox! I always find it hard to stay grounded in New York specifically, despite loving city energy in general and living in one. BlogHer is good stuff though. Enjoy!!

  4. Roxanne, Great to hear you are in NYC. Sweetie & I [of Bed Vlogs] hope to be able to get you to dinner. You inspired our show.

    Thanks for all you do.

    — Eric ZORK Alan [National Slam Poet]
    — Professional poet & BED VLOGGER

  5. I think talent is wonderful when it is over the top – and that is not too common and really a thrill. But the majority of what keeps us happy and informs/entertains us does not require extreme talent – in fact for me, it is much more about a person’s energy. I have been blown away by the stuff “regular” people are creating, and have come to believe that many of us are far more talented than group mind would permit. And that disconnect keeps so many from speaking their peace or their passion.

    This is one of those veils that is falling down, and the view behind the scenes is awesome!

  6. I love hearing about these positive stories.

    Behind the scenes is where you can see all the imaginal cells, like in a cocoon.

    I have been interviewing healers out here and it is really inspiring! I also get really inspired watching the stuff ryanne has been capturing about sustainability on RyanisHungry.

    The thing that worries me is that the younger generations are so exposed to mass “entertainment”models.

    I have trouble keeping up with all the content coming out. Do you know anyone who is documenting positive stories about what the younger generations (like high school) are doing to be involved in positive and creative change? I suppose Current TV is doing that….

    I’ve tried to get Kids on the Hill (the media/art organization I used to work with in Baltimore) interested in vlogging. They have considered starting up a production company but they are doing so many projects right now…


  7. Ipo of Gomega says

    I like this topic and everything you said is so “POWERFUL and DEEP” thanks for being that voice. =Ipo of Gomega=