Beach Walk 391 – Maui Musician Jessica Rabbit

We filmed this interview in Waikiki with singer and songwriter, Jessica Rabbit, from Maui the week before I left on this trip.

She is an awesome singer and writer, and was here on Oahu performing with GoMega. (See Beach Walk #348.) Jessica is very much a self-made young woman; watch this episode to understand her influences. You can also visit her on MySpace.

Both Jessica and GoMega play live music frequently on Maui. If you are going there, look them up!

GoMega on MySpace

Hawaiian words
Kūʻokoʻa: independent

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  1. I want to hear more about Kanoa’s way of working with women! 🙂

  2. Great episode.
    Jessica and Kanoa have an interesting dynamic together.
    So much talent.

  3. @Jjoe -you’ll have to come to Maui to find out about that!!

    @Jen – I am going to do another episode one of these days on the topic of “talent.” It’s been so sequestered for so long!

  4. …I love the music shows – perfect blends of conversation, great questions and performance. The musical diversity in Hawaii is much wider than I expected and is thoroughly enjoyable. Mahalo Rox!

  5. I’ve been really down about what feels like soulless commercialism and gender essentialism in online video lately. This was so uplifting. They’re so talented and cool, and so are you! Mahalo Rox 🙂 Hope your trip goes well. Looking forward to the follow-ups.

  6. such a beautiful voice!

  7. I mean, how deep is the talent in Hawaii – the musicians are fantastic. Thank you Jessica and Kanoa for sharing your music.

    I really enjoy these “unplugged” episodes. I can’t get out to live performances anymore, so these are so welcomed. Wouldn’t it be cool if some unplugged segments of these Hawaiian musicians could become a DVD or download, with donations from listeners?

  8. Even with as much energy, fun, and talent as shows through in the shows, we still haven’t captured even a fraction of the actual energy, spirit and talent Jessica, Kanoa/GoMega, and the girls of Mighty J posses.

    @SoCalGal: No definite promises, but we are definitely working on some ideas. It’s quite energizing being around all that creativity and talent.

    @Jonnie: We’re pretty confident that most of the world doesn’t yet know about how much diverse talent there is here in the islands. The artwork and music that makes it’s way to the Mainland is pretty generic and doesn’t do justice to the depth and diversity of what is going on here.

    We’re working on it! 😉

  9. Kanoa is such a positive musical force, you can tell by his humble persona. Others with his resume may struggle to stay so grounded in their accomplishments.

  10. I agree, Kanoa is a wonderful musician, and an amazing human being. I didn’t have the chance to hear Jessica sing, so I am glad to have seen her on beach walks. Thanks Rox, SCM, and Lexi.

  11. David in Galveston, Tx says


    You have great vocals. Both you and kanoa really bring and energy and feel to the music. That song would be a top ten hit in my book (soul category).


  12. Ipo of Gomega says

    Wow! Great Job SCM and Rox, only one missing is Lex=(. Show come out great and thank you so much for taking the time to do this show. We are back in Oahu on April 14, 2007 @ Don Ho’s Gomega with guest Miss Jessica Rabbit, Simple Souls and PM DAWN. Call me and again Mahalo! =Ipo of Gomega=

  13. The Amazing Mr. Joey says

    Wow, that really looks like it was a lot of fun. It came out really well. Good job SecretCameraman and Rox. Aloha from Maui.