Beach Walk 390 OTR – EFT Works for me

This is a continuation of yesterday’s show from Santa Cruz with a demonstration of the calming and clearing technique, EFT.

Emotional Freedom Technique: EFT.
You can also read another review here.

That’s a California sea otter featured at the end of today’s show.

Hawaiian words
Nui: important

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  1. EFT is interesting. I have seen a few demonstrations because it is used a lot for healing trauma because it uses mind and body.
    It seems to fit your style well because it includes affirming the fact that we choose our consciousness.

    Blessings to your “tired and confused” side.



  1. […] sleep last night! So I decided to practice some EFT (as mentioned in Beach Walk Episodes #389 and #390) to shed some of that “what if” drama. I do believe it is helping. Please wish me well by Thursday […]