Beach Walk 386 – Visual Rewards with NikePlus

Take a peek at the online interface and exercise tracking tools from NikePlus and the iPod Nano.

Still “glowing” (and a little short for words) from my one hour run, I plug in the NikePlus tracking device to my computer and show the stunning visuals that track my distance, speed, and accumulated records.

We were not compensated in any way for this show and we paid full retail for all of the gear used in this show. If you want to join NikePlus and create a challenge together, please let me know!

iPod Nano Sport Kit
Mindy’s Outrigger Site

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Holo: run

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  1. David in Galveston, Tx says

    Hi Rox,

    What would you like to set as the goal of the challenge between you and i? Most miles? Fastest time? Remember..this is for fun and to raise sand dollars. Maybe for every mile completed…i contribute one sand dollar. Keep up the great work rox and lex :)

  2. David in Galveston, Tx says

    I went to the nike plus site…and set up a challenge between me and you for the month of april. Im waiting for your confirmation. Most miles in 30 days…and donating a sand dollar per mile that i complete :D

  3. Hi Rox,
    I’m real torn on this one. No, I won’t be joining you in a running challenge, I’m concerned about the sponsorship gig. When I watched this show and the prior one, they both struck me as mostly info-mercials — AAAAHHHH!!! While I’m sure that was not your intent, that’s how I saw them.

    Regarding show 385, PLEASE don’t open beachwalks with a sponsors logo – it destroyed the sense of beachwalks for me – it wreaked of commercialization – maybe my bias, but…

    I know you have to find a way to get energy returned to you for that which you put into it (and more hopefully), I have a few suggestions:

    1) Keep the shows’ intro and close NON-commercial.
    2) If you’re having a sponsor on the program, say so. That can be a spiritual thing, too.
    3) If you’re featuring a product (like #386) that is not sponsored, say so in the program. After I read the show notes on 386 I felt better.
    4) Try not to let a show go by without mentioning some sense of how it connects to you on a deeper level – I didn’t hear that on 386. Maybe I’m being too picky? I guess I’m overly sensitive to the whole sponsorship deal – a slippery slope, that one.
    5) How about plugging membership more? We the viewing public have been lulled into submission on this ‘free but not really’ commercial TV thing, I hope more people would take the responsibility to return some energy to you for your efforts.

    Thanks, I feel better. Love the show!!


    FYI, I just signed up for the $10/month membership a month or so ago, I hope that is coming through to you guys.

  4. @David – we’re on for April! Mahalo nui. Please don’t expect any marathons from me though. :-) I thought it was $1 for every mile I run! Wow, your offer is very generous David!!

    @Steve – Thank you so much for sharing your comments! I too really am sensitive to not wanting to dilute the Beach Walks energy with crass commercialization. It was raining and I actually did want to share the health tips. I have had a love-hate relationship with Nike for 20 years — “don’t get me started!” — but I actually love the motivating aspects of the NikePlus interface. I did a poor job of communicating that and your idea to remember to mention pay or not on the show is a great one.

    BW is a little 5 minutes of my day, doing my best to share aloha. Some days are sunnier than others. :-)

    YOU ARE WONDERFUL to have crossed the chasm and signed up for a subscription. I have surveyed the audience previously and they said loud and clear, “we don’t want to pay.” I can understand that. It seems that advertising and excessive CEO pay have so tainted the exchange of enrgy aka money between some people that they want to avoid it at all costs.

    We want to continue Beach Walks. I love doing it and there are thousands of people who love having it. The challenge on the table is to find a way for us to balance the energy coming in with the energy we expend. We are working on licensing BW to be aired in other places for a fee, so that all of us can benefit from the aloha without commercial interruption – or at least a clearer notice about that.

    Please let us know if you have contacts at other web sites, TV networks, or even company intranets who would like to present Beach Walks to their communities.

    For the record, you all will be the first to know when we have a sponsor! until then, anything I mention that appears to be commercial is just stuff I use and love.

    With love and aloha – one of my favorite redundancies – rox

  5. Hey there..just a little tip! I use the same armband as you and I noticed that you have put the iPod upside down. If you’re handy with a pair of scissors you can make a hole in the bottom where the sensor can come through..helped me alot!

  6. @robin: duh! that’s a great idea! now, if i can only get back to running. i’ve been very very remiss and busy. not that anyone but me cares, but i have gained 10 pounds since starting beach walks. is there a connection? yes. time spent editing and encoding used to be spent working out! i am working on this issue one day at a time. :-)

  7. Aloha, I’m trying to get in contact with someone you may know if you can help would be greatly appreciated. Robin Seybold an ocean biologist in Maui. Mahalo, Rebecca, 256.658.3301

    • Becca – I do not know Robin but have put out a message to my friends on Twitter and will let you know if anyone tracks this person down. Good luck!