Beach Walk 385 – Slow Down, Run Faster

Almost ran out of time today, so you get to learn about the running class Lexi and I are taking.

I also have an interview with the owner of Fleet Feet, Susan Redpath. She tells us about the Running for Women program (and this advice is not just for women), and I talk about my cool NikePlus tracker. But more on that in tomorrow’s show!

David in Austin: I am getting ready for your mileage challenge. Thinking about the first week in April now.

Hawaiian words
Holo: run

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  1. David in Galveston, Tx says

    Great show Roxy! Walking has always been a good tool for marathon runners to gauge their long distance running. When i ran the houston marathon, i took several short walk breaks and had my hydration belt to keep me from having to stop at all the water stops. It was my fastest time. On the contrary, the austin marathon that i ran last month…i took fewer breaks and didnt have my hydration belt. I ended up running a slower time. My next marathon is in Dallas on April 1st…so that will work out perfectly for the run/walk challenge roxy 😀

  2. David – I just love it when these snips of real experience weigh in to contradict conventional “wisdom”!

    As for the run/walk challenge, you will be starting out with a great lead!