Beach Walk 383 – People & Planets Crossing Paths

Let’s talk a little astrology today – Mercury Retrograde and how it can explain a few of life’s frustrations.

Last Wednesday we ended a few weeks of Mercury Retrograde, when the planet of communication and technology stalls out in the skies. Words are crossed, meetings don’t generate results, hard drives tend to fail. I don’t believe in all or nothing with the planets, but I do use it for support when it makes sense. And I try to reschedule things a little just to remove the “what if” pressures.

Seems to be working for me this week, as you’ll hear in this episode, while learning some new Hawaiian words.

My dear friend Eric (Kaile’s dad) left for his second tour of Iraq today. He’ll be there 7 months. I hope you’ll join me in sending him love and support.

Hawaiian words
Kilo: stargazer, seer
Lani: heaven, heavenly
Hōkū: star

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  1. Even though I’m not into Astrology, I do believe that there is truth in the way we are affected by the universe. Just like moon has an effect on the oceans and many other things, the planets and universe, also have an effect on us all. The universe is an amazing place. Take Care Eric.

    La’i ke kaunu.

  2. Best of care, Eric, and to your lovely family. Hope you have good internet access so you can keep tabs on Kaile(!)

  3. Take good care of yourself Eric. Here’s to the seven months flying by and a speedy, safe and happy return to your family. You’ll be back on your surf board in no time!