Beach Walk 381 – Up, Down, It Is All Beautiful to Me

Hawaiian word for the day: lalo. Let’s take some of the charge off the concepts of up and down.

It’s no wonder we have trouble understanding each other sometimes. The same word can have so many different connotations, which spill over even when unintended!

Up usually means good and down usually means bad but really, they are just location pointers not value judgments. Let’s get down with not being down on ourselves!

Hawaiian words
Lalo: down

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  1. Wow, you’re updating Beach Walks with Rox at 11:30 at night!!! Hope you slept in today…

    We’re suffering with DST here – it usually takes days before our internal clocks adjust. After changing times on clocks and timers on Sunday, it wasn’t until after dinner time we got out. Luckily it’s warm and I got in a great walk on Shelter Island (next to the bay) at sunset. Not Hawaii, but very pretty.

    I experience more head games with the abuse of words, i.e. down meaning ‘less than’ and up meaning ‘better than’ in my work environment than with friends or people I might chat with at the market, etc. In fact, depending on who I’m dealing with, everything gets spun to fit someone else’s point of view, or mindset they’re trying either to promote or protect. Maybe that’s just our nature.

    Actually people and words are funny (together or separately). And when it’s all too obscure you just have to laugh. …and how do you say “laugh” in Hawaiian?

  2. I admire your attitude Jonnie. I looked up laughter – it’s _ʻaka_.