Beach Walk 379 – How Do You Watch Internet TV

Here’s our video entry to the Network2 contest, “How do you watch Internet TV?” Wish us good pōmaika’i!

Beach Walks adds a little comic drama to our usual mix in today’s show.

Here’s the contest on “How do you watch internet TV?”

Mighty J and GoMega. are playing here in Kailua Friday night at Tiare’s. I plan to be there!

Hawaiian words
Hoʻokūkū: compete
Pōmaikaʻi: luck

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    It’s a winner for sure!

    Now I’m off to check out
    Thanks for the info.

    Great job Rox and SCM!
    NY Nan

  2. Subarashii! (Amazing!!)
    I’m sure everyone will enjoy yours.
    Good luck!!

  3. That’s the way to watch TV! Thanks for the site – I’ve registered. Welcome back SCM!

  4. Da kine! Good luck with this great show. Love the latest creative display from you and

    PS Wish you could have seen the look on Mother’s face when you said, “I know I need to get my roots done” on a recent episode. She turned to me and said, with the sweetest giggle, “I was just thinking she needed to do that!”

  5. Mahalo nui everyone! There were many creative submissions so the judges will be working hard. For a beautiful, thoughtful entry, go to “”:, done by Kent and Jen.

  6. Thanks for the hat tip Rox.
    We’ll see how the judging goes — trying to be intentional towards winning, but yet not attached to winning like you were with the Vloggies.

    The contest rules say that “Winners will be selected on the basis of (1) content (25%), (2) creativity (25%), (3) technique (25%), and (4) humor (25 %).” So I figure 3 out of 4 isn’t bad for our piece. Hoping that our thoughtfulness is counted towards the humor score, but we’ll see.

    Anyway — glad to see some of your office, and where you spend a lot of your daily attention.

  7. Wonderful entry Rox and SCM! In all the chaos of life throughout the world it’s great to see how internet tv can take us all to a different place beyond our local realm. I enjoyed your vidanswer to the question “How do you watch Internet TV?” Good luck and a hui ho!

    P.S. Can you send me some of that warm beach weather in a jar to hold me over until I return? LOL…

  8. Roxanne,

    The kids and I loved the show!!! We’re catching up….we wish you the best on the contest! We learn something new everyday and love it.

  9. I’ve missed a few episodes but this one looks a lot different. Have you guys switched cameras? The colors were amazing. Loved the fantasy.

  10. @kent – hmmm, so you thought i was attached to winning a vloggie? 🙂 i decided to give it my full attention and then sit back and see what happened, much like this contest too. intentional, as you put it. sort of like i’ll do my part to get in the game, knowing full well the outcome of the game is wa-a-a-y out of my hands!

    @v – of course we’ll send you some! where r u?

    @ana – welcome back and hugs to C&C!

    @clintus – same camera, but we were having an amazing late afternoon light show. The dream sequence does have some affects on it. 🙂