Beach Walk 378 – Subjectivity

We’re entering a video on the net contest. Reminds me that life is subjective!

Contests are like competition – some people love ’em and some people don’t. Here’s how to sort your way through all of the supposed “bests” and “worsts” not only on line, but in your life too.

Here’s the contest on “How do you watch internet tv?”

Mighty J and GoMega are playing here in Kailua Friday night at Tiare’s. I plan to be there!

Hawaiian words
ʻOi ka makemake: prefer

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  1. I appreciate your perspective on competition….”its a matter of preference”. Sometimes I feel a bit awkward because I’m not very competitive.

    Kent loves a real competitive game of ping pong or football. I’d prefer go hiking, practice QiGong or have a good discussion over a tasty meal.

    So over the last few days he’s been making a video for network2 and I spent the time starting a vegetable garden. Somehow we balance each other…

    Good luck!

  2. Your video quality is so nice. What video camera do you use?

    Good luck with the competition!

  3. @jen – i find competitive urges can also be “case-specific.” Some things I can really ounce on; others are purely unaware of what others are doing.

    @paul – check out all our gear in the behind the scenes link in the upper right column.