Beach Walk 377 – Language and Technology

Learn the Hawaiian way to say internet and also the local way to pronounce Hawai’i.

I read an article in the local paper, the Star Bulletin about how to infuse new technological concepts with Hawaiian meaning as a way of preserving the language. It makes total sense to me. Instead of just taking the English word and adding the foreign accent, translate the word!

Here is how to say “internet” in Hawaiian:
pūnaewele puni honua
It means “network around the world.”

You’ll have to watch the show to hear the local way of pronouncing “Hawai’i.” 🙂 It will come in handy for you to sound like a local when you vacation in the land of Aloha!

Counter to my show notes from yesterday, we did have a little makeup and wardrobe on the beach today, as we were filming an entry in the contest on “How do you watch internet TV?” Entries are due March 9 so you still have time to make a video submission.

Hawaiian words
PÅ«naewele: network
Puni: surround
Honua: world

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  1. YES! Learning foreign language is very hard. I keep learning English in Japan for my future plan and it is getting more and more difficult for me…
    I think to learn language is sort of lifework for me. But I love learning English and communicating native English speakers even though my English is still poor. It is so fun that I can learn more things by learning English such as culture, their thought and so on…

    Let me add one thing that I am glad that you are back on this show. But please take a rest when you don’t feel like doing this or you get stressed out. Take it easy!

    By the way, you look so nice in pareo! So cute!

  2. @akemi – your English is very good – just think for a moment about how little japanese the rest of the world speaks…I too love learning languages and really appreciate it when the locals (wherever they may be) tolerate my attempts!


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