Beach Walk 375 – Stress Silliness

Stress creates the silliest ideas. For a few hours I was going to sacrifice my twice a week outrigger paddling!

Fortunately, the whales spoke to me today and I came to my senses. But it points out how easy it is to let life’s pressures (even the good ones) worm their way into my mind.

We’re not quite ready for the official start of year 2, but hey! I had an irresistible urge to do this show. You see, we are so busy. I love doing Beach Walks, yet it too involves a number of sacrifices. Do you want us to continue it? Tell me what you think!

Hawaiian words
Koholā: whale

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  1. Dan Brown says

    What to give up? Paddling? Beachwalks?
    Sure,sunny glassy days with whales are percentage-wise rare. But isn’t paddling also about mental toxin-cleansing physical exercise, and social interaction? What of the the sense of accomplishment after slogging thru the slop into a stiff headwind? Also the feelings of achievement and exhilaration getting through the intensity of heart-pounding concern as larger waves dwarf the canoe and crew? Is not the wave-ride a thrill as the ocean surfs the 400 pound canoe-plus-crew effortlessly down its crest? And on the less-eventful days isn’t there payback by simply getting away from responsibilities then returning with fresh energy?
    Regarding Beachwalks, your reasoning must be personal and multifaceted.
    From my uninformed selfish point-of-view as I send this from a heated cabin in a dark colder northern California forest, I’m hoping you continue with both. And thanks for sharing!

  2. Melanie Chiaverini says

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Continue! I just happened on to instant media and caught your beachwalks. I am totally hooked. I am from Pennsylvania where even today on March 6th it is 11 degrees. So I thoroughly enjoy seeing you thoroughly enjoy the beach. Where can I find out more about you ~ what you do for a living, etc. Thanks for keeping me in the sun!

  3. I would say Yes – continue Beachwalks. But maybe do not feel pressured to make it a daily show. Film a show when the mood hits, when the energy is right, when there is something exciting to show the audience. Then, we the viewers won’t feel pressured to watch it everyday.

  4. Obviously I enjoy Beachwalks and would be a little sad if it ended, however the fact you are considering ending it or ending paddling is sort of a red flag; is it the busy-busy in your life or something else?

    How might ending Beachwalks affect Lexi?

    What does SC think?

    What about modifying Beachwalks to ‘Saturday Beachwalks with Rox’ and still keep the 5 minute format?

    However consider for a minute that you are taunting yourself with the possibility of taking away things you enjoy. Why?

    I ask you this because I think I do the same thing.

    Example: I recently received a video camera; however I am a still image enthusiast. I am at the beginning of the learning curve about what video is and the technology that goes with it. I can’t even get my arms around what type of video I think I would like to take. I worked myself up to almost being upset over the video frustration, and then to validate that or vilify the video camera, I stopped taking still pics all together.

    Why did I stop doing something I enjoy? Who am I protesting to?

    I do want to thank you for Beachwalks. It’s been thoroughly enjoyable and I wouldn’t expect it to go on forever (what does?).

    Mahalo nui loa and aloha kakou (always)!

  5. I think if you are getting burnt out then a modified form of Beachwalks would be a better alternative then ending it completely. I for one would miss it if you did not do a show at all. Its a very personel decision for sure to make but you have to be the one that is happy with the decision you make. The stories you tell and the views you give are VERY inspirational to me and I do appreciate you and SCM and Lexi. I love learning from you and I thank you for all the shows you’ve done thus far.

    Rox in the end you have to be happy and if it’s getting to be too much then by all means you know what you need to do. We will always be out here when you feel the need to do another show :)

    Thank you,
    Bill A.

  6. Rox,

    We enjoy your daily wisdom probably even more than the heavenly scene in Hawaii. We first tuned in for the beauty, then realzed we wanted to hear more of your down to earth philosophy.

    Keep up the great work.

    Dave & Adriana Jackson
    Naples, Florida

  7. I have struggled with giving up paddling at times (it is just so dang time consuming) but that would mean that i would be giving up alot of my best friends and it wouldn’t be worth it. So a break every now and than works well for me.

  8. Roxy,

    I too would be sad if you stopped Beachwalks. While clearly understanding and experiencing your stress and desire for harmony in my life, Beachwalks provides a rejuvenating 5 minutes, that I can not get in the bitter cold of Michigan! The ocean has always been a place for me to replenish my soul and you take me there albeit with out the lucsious aroma of the sea and grit of the sand! It would be great if you could still offer Beachwalks with Rox at least every other day!

    Love you,

    PS. Why not do an international Beachwalks? You could show us your top 10 beaches in the world! I will be chief luggage handler and SC2!


  9. I really enjoy the beachwalk show. My wife and I have visited the islands several times (Honeymooned on Kawai). Beachwalks brings back many memories …and is thought provoking as well. I look forward to your daily musings. Thank you for your service to those of us who are landlocked.
    God bless.

  10. What wonderful comments and emails! (and please keep sharing your ideas and feelings) Mahalo nui to all of you. Remember Show #9? If it’s meant to be…well that is how I am feeling. We just have a little figuring out of the resources. (Hint: getting the sponsorship thing working in a Beach Walks way to free up our time.) We own our business, so we already theoretically have the ability to manage our schedule. Now we are moving to managing our revenue sources so we can work on the projects we truly love.)

    I was expecting (hoping for?) these sorts of answers. And maybe that is why this show appeared. :-)

    We are also working on a new site – so I felt a little reluctant about “coming back” before that was ready! But I’ve missed you all, and now we have some wonderfully rich new data points to feed the situation! Wish me luck with my meetings this week.

  11. For certin I can understand you wanting to take a break from Beachwalks. I don’t know what I would do without it but I suppose I would servive. Most days it is the reason I turn on the computer. I guess it is the connection I feel to you and SC when I watch it. For those who don’t know SC is my son. I also know how much work it is to get the show done every day. It is a chore. Having farmed for 20+ years SC and I had our share of chores to do. He started when he was just old enough to carry a bucket of feed and continued untill he left for college.

    I think Jonni from San Diego had a good idea. Do a Saterday show and don’t make us quit “cold turkey”

    What ever you do Rox it has to be right for you.



  12. Appears to me that, going for 300 and then 365 and then onward, the objective was always “We’ve gotta do a new show tomorrow; we’re gonna do a new show tomorrow.” And folks on this end were confident in saying “We’re gonna have a new show tomorrow.” Maybe a more practical approach would be “We’re gonna do some new shows next week. We’re also gonna do some reruns next week.” And on this end you would have “We’re gonna have a show tomorrow. Hope it’s a new one, but if it’s not, we’ve still got a show tomorrow and, either way, we know it will be a good one.” And we’ll all continue to be enriched by this special new part of our daily lives–ours and yours.

    Listen, Rox: The whales are speaking.

  13. I enjoy your show so much! If you feel stress and a little burned out…take some time off. You deserve to cut back. We are on your time, you are not on ours. Take your time. No stress. Remember the oxygen masks on the plane? I’ve been saying that for years and I fell out of my chair when you brought that up! We think you are the greatest!!

  14. You have to do what is right for you Rox. However, I do hope that you keep paddling as you seem to love it so much. Who would’nt? I also hope that you keep doing beachwalks, if even just once a week or so. Thanks for all of the sun and joy that you have brought to my ipod everyday. It means a lot to me. Take care.

  15. Rox, I think you created your Beachwalks battle cry – Get In the Boat!

    Seriously, it’s ok to throttle back – selfishly we viewers would love the daily shows but continuing on at a pace workable for you should be your call.

    I particularly liked the little dog at the end of this Beachwalks charging ahead for Lexi’s ball, no mind if Lexi is much bigger – lots of spunk there. :)

  16. What are those projects you would love to do Rox?? They are now available for your indulgence. GO FOR THOSE!! The universe will support you now; do the footwork (which we know you are), trust, watch, see and enjoy…

  17. I watch a lot on my iPod, and never comment – sorry. I’m trying to get better at commenting on vlogs i love, and I always love Beach Walks.
    Plus, there’s good synchronicity between your posts and my life at the moment.
    I am amazed that you have posted daily for a year. I did it for a month 2 years ago, and it damn near killed me. Clap yourself on the back for meeting a remarkable challenge, and set yourself some softer targets. Keep it regular, and allow yourself to post more if the mood takes you, but maybe also ask yourself “Do I really want/need to post today”. Keep up the good work, but don’t let it become a chore. :)

  18. If going out as often as we can, is in the hope that we will have magical experiences like seeing whales, then this is something that could end up being a disappointment to us (if our expectations are not met on demand). These experiences are what I call the “wow factor”… they are great when they happen, but we all need to be aware of when we are allowing our happiness to be defined by such high expectations whilst giving less importance to the smaller pleasurable things i.e.. the paddling. It’s the paddling that can give the consistent pleasure… the whales are the nice surprise, the icing on the cake… and if you know that there is more likelihood of seeing them when the seas are calm, then I would fully expect you to drop everything and paddle out there… the moment is there to be taken.

    As for time on beachwalks vs paddling… you know how much pleasure we get from your show and your words… no matter how much I love watching beachwalks… there are times for talking about living, there are times for writing about living…but the more important time is in the doing the living…

  19. Angela Grimes says

    I really hope that you keep Beach Walks going. The show means an awful lot to me. It’s part of my theraputic support. I can’t wait to hear from you each day. To lose Beach Walks would be like losing a favorite friend or missing the sun set.

  20. I speak for my whole office when I say that we love Beachwalks and would miss it terribly. Maybe a show every other day or whenever you can fit it in? Your daily subjects always seem to hit home for many of us, the beautiful scenery is just a bonus! In the end, you must do what is right for your life and your business, but how gratifying to know you have such an appreciative audience!

  21. @Rainy – How gratifying indeed! I am so full up from all of the amazingly wonderful comments and emails. It is very powerful to have this out in the open – somehow the energy feels multiplied as a result.

    Mahalo nui and aloha to all of you who have been in touch with us. We love you!

  22. Please do what is right for you. I’ve just found your show and love it. If you decide to do a modified schedule or stop I’ll just have to ration myself to watch one a day until I run out.

    I will be mentioning your show in the bi-monthly ezine that my husband and I write. We have almost 400 readers so hopefully you will pick up some more fans. I’m one, that’s for sure.

    The one thing I’d like to stress is that there is beauty wherever you are, everyday. I think that most people who watch your show don’t envy your location as much as they’re ready to see the everyday beauty in their own environment. I think you inspire us to see that what you want is just as important as what you have to do.