Beach Walk 368R – Rox Travel Tips

We are taking a week off of Beach Walks – today’s replay shows you how to get comfy on long plane flights, like going to Hawai’i!

You can read the original show notes here.

A few little surprises when we come back.

Hawaiian words
Kaʻahele: travel
ʻaOlu: comfort

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  1. I did not see this show the first time around. I’m glad I caught it this time. Love the seat changing idea! Have the flight attendants or another passenger ever questioned you while you’ve change the seat cushion? It is perfectly safe and does not break any “rules”, but some humans are such “rule followers” I can imagine that someone might get upset during a cushion change!

  2. Wow, thank you for mask tip, it would have been so helpful on my 18 hour trip to the Philippines! The air gets so extremely dry in the cabins and it’s just so uncomfortable for my throat and sinuses.

  3. @Catherine – No one has ever stopped me or said anything. That said, I do it discreetly. I believe it is a service to the airlines – as the seats will all last longer if theyy get regular rotation, just like your mattress. 🙂

    @AJB – yes indeed! I am amazed at how much impact such a small device can actually have.