Beach Walk 364 – This is Where It’s At

Join me and Lexi in the studio as Mighty J records the last song for the upcoming CD!

Yet another incredible new song by Mighty J. Though we are usually on the beach in the sunshine, Lexi and I could not pass up this opportunity to be in the studio with Mighty J and Doctor Trey for our “one year’s eve” episode!

Mailani is one half of the well-known, Keahiwai one of my favorites. Here’s Mai’s MySpace page too,
Tiks is from Milo Shade,
Jenn plays with Kanalo and with Zaysha in the acoustic band Simple Souls.

It’s Doctor Trey who is the genius producer behind this group, who BTW has their own Mighty J TV show at the web site. Please go on over there and subscribe after you watch this show. If you haven’t discovered contemporary Hawaiian musicians, then check out their web sites too.

I did get scolded once by the doctor; forgot my guest status for a moment and went into boss mode. Sorry Trey. :-(

Hawaiian words
Wahine: woman
Mele: sing, music
Kolu: three

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  1. That was fun! Amazing how the various tracks together become so much more than just the sum of the parts.
    So, now I’m all psyched up for The Big #365! What’s it gonna be, Rox?

  2. That was absolutely awesome, Rox! And Mighty J! And Dr. Trey!

    Mucho Mahalos for allowing us a peek into the process.

  3. Jonnie from San Diego says

    On a vacation in 2004 to Hawaii I became interested in music from there. The more I look and listen, the more I find. It’s so cool to be excited about music again.

    These women are awesome, and their harmonies are so sweet. They could be from any place; however I think there’s a little Hawaiian magic going on behind the scenes. I could speculate it’s tied to their Hawaiian culture as it relates to harmonies between people, the land and sea and tradition. I really do like their positive energy!

    I grew up listening to the pre-digested output from the nebulous commercial music machines, and looking back now realize what a narrow scope that was. However these days I think there’s more going on with independent artists and producers – certainly there’s a wider range of music to listen to and the lower cost of technology provides easier distribution. It’s no longer just the big billion-dollar studios who generate product.

    What a great way to start my Friday and thank you for another wonderful edition of Beachwalks.

  4. WOW! Thank you so much for capturing such a special moment for us! We all had sooooooooo much fun recording our final song. Having you and Lexi there in studio was awesome! Your positivity is infectious and I also want to thank you for allowing us to sharing our music made by women in Hawaii for all to see on this vast universal network we call the internet.

    I wish it didn’t have to come to an end (the creative recording process that is) … but now another part of our journey continues.

    You Rock Rox!

    with much love and aloha ……………….

  5. Sign me up as another Mighty J (and Trey) Groupie. Dr. Trey, you produce a wonderful sound–and am glad you have room for two maneki nekos (kitty figurines). Mighty J, thank you so much for being you and sharing your music

  6. 3 nekos!

  7. ROX… thanks so much so coming down to experience the process of creativity at it’s finest. Seriously! It’s always great having all three of us in studio, but we haven’t had too many of THOSE sessions throughout the project. And even when all three of us are there, it’s ALWAYS fun, but NOT ALWAYS the smoothest in delivery — at least on my part.
    Maybe having you and Lexi there really gave us the extra vibe we needed to make that session as productive as it was! What amazes me the most is how you were able to get Doctor Trey in the show as LONG as he was. now THAT’s a trip!
    THANKS ALSO to everyone that enjoyed this show and who have been posting comments! It’s means sooooooooo much to us. Please come and visit our site when you get the chance. The Mighty J TV episode that features the same studio session is, I believe, episode 30… so keep an eye out for it on:


    BTW… Shout out to Secret Cameraman!!! WE MISS YOU! :)

  8. David in Galveston, Tx says

    Great music session with Mighty J. You girls really have wonderful voices and a great beat. I’ve used Protools and a mixing board before. It is one of the best programs to work with. Good Luck to everyone on the new release of the CD. Count us in as Mighty J groupies. Even Lexi was jamming to the music :D

    – David

  9. Mahalo for all the comments peeps. So glad you liked it – I was amazed at how well it came together, considering I was mostly filming and editing….Mahalo to Dr Trey for doing the honors on the intro! I think these wahine have so much talent and positivity! Lexi had a blast, and definitely was in time to the music. :-)

  10. Need I say… Ono’Licious.

  11. Congratulations! on the 365th show!!!

    I can’t go to bed without checking your show.
    It becomes routine for me.
    I can get beautiful energy from not only because you are such fair minded person but also by feeling the mother land Hawaii.
    I was born by the ocean, but I relocated here in the center of Hokkaido a long time ago so I haven’t seen the ocean for ages as a matter of factly. Poor girl..
    We have still a lot of snow here in Sapporo. We just had a snow festival at the beginning of this month and now we are having Nordic world ski competition. You can check my town from a web camera on the internet; the center of Sapporo, called “Odori Park”.

    Hey Rox is such an acquired taste that I can’t be satisfied with your show without her. She is adorable in fact I never get tired of watching her. Love it!
    Oh yeah I want to thank for the beautiful contemporary Hawaiian songs by very charming girls Mighty J. I am looking foward to thier album.
    Since I love their energy too. The ladies are very natural like Hawaii.

    Lastly again Congratulations on the 365th show!
    You know how therapeutic your show is? So please take care of yourself and I am looking foward to the next show to see you guys charged energy in order to go more 365s show ..
    Mahalo from the heart. ( best regards to Dr. Trey, I love his passionate energy and secret camera man whose energy is rather sweet I guess hehe )

    from Snow Island, Sapporo, Japan

  12. That’s going to be a HOT track! Congrats! :D

  13. That was MAJOR COOL!!!
    Congrats on the final recording, can’t wait for the final product.

  14. Ipo of Gomega says

    Wow! I love it! Can’t wait till the Cd comes out! Kanoa and I will be right behind Rox, SCM, and Lexi! Mahalo Rox for doing what you do. It my seems small but it dose touch alot people and you are ALOHA! =Ipo and Kanoa=

  15. I just watched this episode again and I love it! These wahine are hot hot hot and the CD will be out soon. Stay tuned!


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