Beach Walk 363 – Get Help at Kaka’ako

Today’s show is from Kaka’oko Waterfront Park in Honolulu, a hidden beauty just a few blocks from the busy busy Ala Moana Blvd near downtown.

Today’s word is kokua – which means help, aid, comfort. I love having a beautiful outdoor place in nature where I can chill, especially when it’s located in the hubbub. It takes a little curiosity to explore the neighborhood and find these spots, but oh, the reward! Thousands of people hurrying by, and less than 10 of us in this beautiful park on the waterfront.

There have been a number of attempts recently to build condos on the waterfront here…but I am of the mind that even if a lot of people are not physically there, the open space still serves to drain off the congestion energy of the city. We are benefiting from this open space throughout the larger vicinity. Have you noticed this in your community?

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Kokua Foundation
Kokua Festival
Jack Johnson
Kaka’ako Waterfront Park

21’°17’33.80″N, 157’°51’50.79″W

Hawaiian words
Kokua: help

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  1. Jonnie from San Diego says

    I Googled “kakaako park” and found a link saying the park was built over an old municipal landfill. I think that is great, and makes the value of such a beautiful place even better.

    I’m thinking the park probably sees more people and crowds on the weekend.

    It’s rare I can get away during the week, but when I can, there are places like that here; the lighthouse (Cabrillo National Monument) is one of my faves. I even go there on the weekends and deal with the crowds just to get my ‘ocean fix’ and a good walk on the trail that leads down the hill…

  2. David in Galveston, Tx says

    Kaka’oko Waterfront Park and downtown looks very beautiful. Thats what i love about watching your show…the interviews, the music, the hikes, the walks, the beaches and even trips to the mainland. You challenge us with questions, teach us hawaiian words or phrases, and impart your take on the hawaiian culture.

    I have a challenge for you Rox. This challenge will raise sand dollars for your site. Using our Nike Plus…for every mile we walk this week, i will donate a dollar per mile to you. Let me know which week you want to start this challenge.

  3. @Jonnie – yes, you can find a lot of articles on the park in the news. It really is an oasis that is unseen from the main road and I wonder how many drive by every day with not a clue it is there?

    @David – wow! I like this. I have been so busy that I still have not set up my nike plus!! (Mindy has been waiting perhaps too patiently!) But I think today is the day. I got the thing attached to my shoe; now I get to go run with the iPod. Can you believe we did 3.7 miles in class on tuesday? I was quite impressed with myself! LM think about the date and I will get back to you here later today.