Beach Walk 362 – Kailua Skies

The day got away from me however we have a lovely show of Kailua Skies contributed by generous viewer Dan Brown with music by Kanalo.

Today started off with an early morning phone call and I never quite caught up! I managed to get Lexi to the beach for a swim, only to have my camera battery be dead. But several weeks ago local friend and longtime Beach Walks viewer, Dan Brown, sent me a movie he had made of some his gorgeous Kailua photos.

I’ve put it to music by Kanalo, “Back to Yesterday.” You may recognize the voice – it is Jenn, aka JRoQ, one of the members of Mighty J! You can find this song on the Podsafe Music Network.

Hawaiian words
Anuenue: rainbow

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  1. Wow! How beautiful! The music is really nice also!!
    Arigato and big big mahalo for these wondeful gorgeous photos.
    I miss Hawaii lots…..

  2. Amazing! Your mom turned me on to this sight and I am very glad she did. Barbara