Beach Walk 361 – Upstream, Downstream

It was a rough, windy day on the water – perfect for exploring the flow.

Paddling in to the wind and waves was hard but it was our choice to go in these blustery conditions! Relieving stress is a combination of releasing the hard things we choose, and, knowing we can turn and head downstream at any moment.

Be sure to checkout the first comment on this post to get a free download of the song, “Calling Out” by Mighty J and the lyrics too!

Hawaiian words
Makani: wind

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  1. Courtesy of Mighty J! Download a free copy of Calling Out. Here’s a link to the lyrics too.

  2. Skype sounds great… I just haven’t gotten around to installing it. Is there anything special we should know for an easy, problem free install (adware, spammers etc) ? Have a Happy Day !!!

  3. Thanks for the Mighty J links.

  4. Skype? I think it’s pretty easy. It would be nice if I provided a link though.

    @SoCalGal – thanks for all your comments!