Beach Walk 360 – Loose Ends

Today is catch up day with a sky of mixed sun and clouds.

Mahalo to Steve for signing up for a monthly Beach Walks Sand Dollars. It means a lot to us!

Jamie Ann left a very insightful message on the conch line regarding Beach Walk #148 – Size Matters in Football. I want you to hear it, so I’m posting it after today’s show as an audio comment. Please visit the site to hear it. Information can be such a tonic.

Plus get an update on my Valentine’s day and finally see the monopod Secret Cameraman built for me to film solo.

Hawaiian words
NÅ« hou: information

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  1. Here is the conch call from Jamie Ann. Mahalo for sharing your perspective and information JA!

  2. In Samoa, boys were sometimes brought up as females either because they wanted to be or there were too many females within a family (males and females had strictly separate jobs to perform in a village so imbalances between sexes caused imbalances in labor). They are called fa’afafine and they’re considered very valuable members of the community because they were able to perform the duties of both men and women. They are (or were?) seen as completely normal and never had the problems transgendered individuals have to face in modern society. Just an interesting tidbit I wanted to share.


  3. SCM is ingenious — you can spend a pretty penny on those monopods.

  4. @AJB – this is very interesting information. I continue to be amazed at the creativity of different cultures and how many things are possible when we open our minds to them.

  5. Even though we often say that certain holidays or occasions doesn’t matter to us, its always a nice feeling when someone remembers.