Beach Walk 358 – Energy Math

Energy earns compound interest in my running group as I would have quit much sooner if I were out running by myself.

The energy keeps being drawn to the energy topic this week. Listen to my observations of contrasting energies with different teachers and unpredictable results.

Say aloha to Buck and Susie visiting from Louisiana. They were just about the only other ones on the beach besides me and Lexi and a few paddlers. The afternoon rains cleared it out!

Mahalo to Mailani of Mighty J (see Beach Walk #344 & 345) for teaching me the phrase:
Ê»e hele kahakai kākou – let’s go the beach!

Hawaiian words
Kahakai: beach, seashore
Kākou: we three or more

Be in Touch!


  1. Hi Rox,

    Great topic! I have listened to a few lectures by biologist Rupert Sheldrick from the Institute of Noetic Sciences website. One lecture was about the energy of group consciousness and morphogenic fields. His research is interesting.


  2. David in Galveston, Tx says

    Hi Rox,

    I ran the 2007 Austin Marathon today. After the fireworks and the national anthem this morning around 6:50am, the race of 11,000 runners got started. I love running in Austin…they have so many bands along the road side, lots of good places to eat & shop, and the people are wonderful. After circling the state capital over bright sunny skies, I crossed the finish line in 2:40:45. I have several beachwalks espisode loaded on my ipod and also the Mighty J episode where they sang on the beach (Girls Night Out). The beat of Mailani’s drum kept me in perfect stride…so i replayed the song several times during the race. I think Roxanne is starting to experience the running “Karma” that people get when they run together. Running is starting become more of a social thing for women to do these days. Once again…thanks Roxanne and MightyJ for the inspiration and aloha spirit during my race 😀


  3. @Jen I am going to go look that up. I actually believe we are all co-mingling energy much more than we realize. I also believe it is possible to tune out others’ people energy when desired, but these things take consciousness and attention.

    @David Wow! Congrats again and so glad we could be there with you. I completely forgot to mention the whole frenzy that occurs around a marathon. When I did NYC, I felt like I was more “pushed” along by the crowds for the first 10 miles than I was actually running!

    It’s going to be a while before I get back to that; the 50 minute run last Thursday left me a tad sore… I’ll tell Mighty J too!