Beach Walk 357 – Sensing Subtle Energies

Can you tell real Aloha from fake Aloha?

At a talk I gave yesterday for the IABC Hawaii, Jenn of Mighty J was explaining her distaste for the people who work in Waikiki and who are trained to say the word aloha in a steady stream, but who exhibit rather little of the aloha spirit.

These kinds of energy discrepancies tend to cause frustration and confusion in people who can pick up on the energy. Some of us are more tuned in while some of us are more the “bull in a china shop” type. In my Beach Walks world nothing wrong with either type. Instead I find noticing it useful, so I can move towards the energy I like, and away from the energy I don’t.

How do you manage energy discrepancies?

Hawaiian words
Aloha: hello, good bye, love
Hoʻopunipuni: false, to lie

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  1. Thanks to Vic from me, too. Now we can really see that gorgeous tan of yours. :) Lookin’ good, Rox!