Beach Walk 354 – Mental & Physical Energy

To answer Joe’s question from yesterday, I begin defining what I mean by “energy.” Today is about mental and physical energy, and how to co-mingle them when necessary.

Outrigger canoeing is such a great example of using all kinds of energy – mental, physical and the mana or divine power that is available to us when we remember. When I am lacking in physical energy, I can use mental discipline to keep going. If I do that too much, and ignore my body’s true fatigue, there is often a price. Either way I can choose.

Lexi made a friend from California who threw the ball for her; it is amazing the mana that others experience in her.

Hawaiian words
Ikehu: energy
Mana: divine power

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  1. Thanks, Rox. I think I’m getting to understand “energy”. And good job on the solo camera work! :)

  2. Hello Rox,

    I hope your secret camera guy come back soon as I enjoy seeing more of the background. Having lived in Hawaii for 2 years, I now miss it more then ever being hip deep in snow here. (Buffalo, NY area)

    I was thinking that you might have some thoughtrs abouts Gandhi’s 7 Deadly Social Sins

    1] politics without principle

    2] wealth without work

    3] commerce without morality

    4] pleasure without conscience

    5] education without character

    6] science without humanity

    7] worship without sacrifice

    One or all might make for a good show.

    Thank you for all your doing, David in snowy NY

  3. @Joe – mahalo! there’s more to come at some point.
    @David – mahalo for this list. it is a very comprehensive point of view on things. for me, it opens up a lot of questions! at first glance, it looks like a “thinking person’s guide to a thoughtful, intentional, caring life.” at second glance there are judgments in there that i am not sure apply in all situations. that said, i love this kind of thought-provoking stuff to chew on!