Beach Walk 353 – The Energy of Place

Energy is a rich, wonderful, and big topic. Today I am exploring how different the show feels for me when we’re outside or inside.

I find that even though there a lot of distractions doing the show on the beach, in the wind, tracking Lexi, etc. that my mind can go to the Beach Walks place easier than when I am inside or in a confined space.

The Kanaka Ikaika outrigger canoe race was just getting started, and we saw my friend Eric (Kaile’s dad) racing – another energy intensive task. Learning to understand and manage energy is one of the keys to happiness I think.

Hawaiian words
Ikehu: energy
Kanaka: human being
Ikaika: strong

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  1. Energy is called “qi”(æ°—) in Japanese. I am sure that the Hawaii is one of the great power and energy spot in the world. I always get high qi through your show! Much mahalo.

  2. Could you define “energy”? It’s used a lot on Beachwalks, but I’m not really sure what it means a lot of the time. I tend to think of energy in its more technical sense, like electrical energy or kinetic energy.

  3. @Akemi – mahalo and domo arigato! I agree wth you. A friend f mine calls it the “piko” or belly button of the world.

    @Joe – stay tuned for tomorrow’s show! And likely the rest of the week. 🙂

  4. I find being outside always brings in a different kind of energy. A new type of Lifeforce. When I’m outside during the summertime I can really feel that inside of me. One of the reasons for moving to Hawaii is the fact that I’ll be outdoors so much more.

    Ps… you forgot to show us the mono-pod…

  5. David in Galveston, Tx says

    I agree with your outside energy idea. When im running a marathon the enviornment (people, the surroundings and music) influence my inner spirit. You feel more with nature. Indoor racing is very dull becuase all you hear is the audience and the gun going off. Speaking of marathons…i am running another marathon on Feb. 18th in Austin, Texas. I download about 10 of you beachwalk podcasts to listen to…in addition the the 30 or 40 songs i have on my ipod nano. I wanted to ask Mighty J if it would be ok to download their new song from the pervious beachwalks episode to listen to on my run? I will also be running with my Nike Plus during this race. If you want to follow the progress of my running, you can goto my blog at:

  6. There is also another noticeable side Rox:
    With your show with little Kaile, you were instinctively drawn towards what she was doing and you were visibly stumbling over your own words because you were watching her…. I’ve noticed that you do the same with Lex… If Lex breaks your rhythm, your reaction is to stop and turn your attention to her…

    I think that this is completely natural and I for one like interruptions and breaks in energy flow, because I think that by becoming accustomed to those ‘out of the ordinary’ interruptions, they become normality… and no longer break our flow… we learn to ride them.

    Crikey… did that make any sense at all?? 🙂

  7. @Tommy – hey, hang in there for the monopod. i am working out some camera hlep as i can’t film myself using the monopod…thanks tho; i haven’t forgotten!

    @David – you can play the song, and they have also given permission to link to “Calling Out.” I’ll get that up by the weekend. Have a great run! Beach Walks will be pulling for you.

    @Matt – very perceptive. So yes, it was partly being semi-indoors and partly the “Kaile Show” effect. Glad you like going with the flow with us. 🙂