Beach Walk 352 – Hiking the Pali

You wanted more locations! Join us as we hike the Pali and discover beautiful water.

Chris, Lana, and Brent Dog took Lexi and me on another great hike: the Judd Trail in the Nu’uanu Pali area.

There were some really steep parts to the trail, and Lexi slipped a few times. It got my #2 (see show #102 for more info) worrying that she would fall off the edge. So I outed the fear by talking to Lana, and poof, it went away. I like taking these abstracts (“face your fears”) and putting them into action. Makes it real in my life.

If you like hiking and are coming to O’ahu, here’s the book we use: The Hikers Guide to O’ahu. This was hike #11 – Nu’uanu-Judd.

Hawaiian words
Makaʻu: fear
Pali: cliff

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  1. David in Galveston, Tx says

    Another great show! The hiking trips around the islands are so beautiful. That last shot of the water running down the stream is so tranquil and peaceful.