Beach Walk 350 – Slower, Easier

How could beginner yoga students look better in their poses than the power yoga class? They do it slower.

Time seems to be speeding up; so much happening so fast these days. It’s easier than ever to get caught up in the frenzy! And then feel frustrated when things aren’t working out.

Hawaiian words
Lohi: slow
Hikiwale: easy

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  1. David in Galveston, Tx says

    Congrats on 350th show Rox, Lex, and SecretCameraMan. We need to make a birthday cake for your 365th show comming up in 15 days. Oh…and a doggie treat for Lexi 🙂

  2. Good reminder David congrats Rox, SCM and Lexi. How about a Beachwalks luau for 365 (maybe get some musicians to celebrate)?

  3. I like the words “Slower, Easier”. I think it’s nice to get back to basics to realize essence of things.
    Thank you for the link of my blog in this site.

  4. Great episode Rox. I need to take this advice for sure. I am way too fast and get worked up over a lot of my internet crap. Ha, just look at my last few videos. But I’m working on it.

    PS. Just took your survey. Good luck with it.

  5. @David – mahalo! And how did you know…Lexi is a fiend for treats!
    @SoCalGal – great idea! we’ll see what we see.
    @Akemi – happy to link. I like your blog; want to be on the show? drop me an email!
    @Clintus – mahalo nui; the internet is especially frantic now isn’t it?