Beach Walk 348 – Maui’s Best – Kanoa Kukaua

Meet another talented Hawaiian musician: Kanoa Kukaua from Maui, lead vocalist with the band, GoMega.

Mahalo nui again to Doctor Trey and JRoQ of MightyJ for hooking us up with a fine Hawaiian musician. Kanoa was here on O’ahu for a few days, gigging at Lilikoi’s in Aiea. His band, Gomega, won “Best Band on Maui 2006” – tied actually with Ekolu.

Kanoa plays many instruments. He told me that growing up, the kids either gravitated to sports or to music, and he went full speed ahead with music. GoMega calls themselves the “most versatile band” as they are into all different kinds of music, not just Hawaiian style. Go Big with GoMega!

You couldn’t really see this on the show, but Lexi loved Kanoa and curled right up at his feet most of the time we were filming this.

After you watch this episode, please go visit him at MySpace:
Gomega on MySpace
Kanoa on MySpace

Hawaiian words
Hele: to go
No ka oi: the best

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  1. wow! i fell so speical. good job! i love it! mahalo for taking your time out to kick back with me and talk stories. Kanoa

  2. mahalo kanoa! i felt special too listening to the stories and feeling your love for the music. now i get to take the feeling everywhere i go today. aloha, barbara

  3. Great show and thanks kanoa for sharing yourself. All you Hawaiian musicians bring a special, unique blend of sounds and stories that the rest of the world should enjoy.

  4. Great episode, Rox. Thanks for giving Hawaii Musicians another platform to share their music and aloha.

  5. Mahalo Kanoa! You’re an amazing talent and brought great energy to the show.

    I feel honored and blessed to have met you and know you.

  6. David in Galveston, Tx says

    Kanoa your music is wonderful to listen too. Such a variety in style makes your music unique. The more i listen to the different styles of hawaiian music..the more i come to appreciate it. Mahalo Rox and Kanoa.

  7. Kanoa: Good stuff, dude. Really enjoyed your visit with Rox, Secret & Lexi. Other viewers: If you haven’t already done so, be sure to click on Kanoa’s and Gomega’s Myspace sites that Rox mentions and sets the links for in her text, above. Awsome stuff and more good listening. The musical traditions of the islands are obviously in great hands (and voices).

  8. to bad kanoa was sick cuz he can sing i hope you have him on again so that he can blow you away. i seen him play on the big island at nickols public house in hilo and he was awesome. rhoda from big isalnd

  9. Will from the Big Island of Hawaii says

    Met Kanoa last year when he played on the Big Island and he was great. Glad to see Kanoa out there and pushing his music. Gomega is also a sweet band and turned out Charley’s Bar and Grill last Oct. I like you format and best wishes to Beach Walks. Will

  10. Seen post on myspace so I stopped by to see my friend Kanoa for his 5 mins of fame. If anybody out there has not see Kanoa live it’s one hell of a show and Gomega is MAUI’S MOST VERSATILE BAND. Kanoa is a humble soul and very well know and respected in Maui. Much thanks to Beach Walks with Rox for having my friend Kanoa on your show. Chris from Maui Hawaii

  11. I got a phone call to check out Kanoa on Beach Walks with Rox, so here I am. Kanoa is a brilliant musician and I’m very delighted to see that he is taking his talent outside of Maui. Best wishes to both Kanoa with his adventure and with the success of Beach Walks.

  12. Mahalo nui to all of you amazing Kanoa fans! We really appreciate you stopping by Beach Walks. I think Beach Walks is due for a trip over to Maui.
    Love and Hugs, Rox

  13. Kanoa! I can’t wait to see him perform live again. The show at lily koi’s was one of the best i’ve ever seen. I still can’t get over how his group mixed all those different genres of music into one great gig. go gomega!

  14. Kanoa – who better to represent the Maui music scene!! He is an incredible artist and person. If you ever have a chance to see Kanoa and GoMega, DO NOT PASS IT UP!!!
    Love ya guys!

  15. Listen up! Kanoa AND Mighty J are playing Saturday Feb 17 on Maui in Paia. If you are around the islands, go see ’em! Full details at GoMega on MySpace.

  16. Ipo of Gomega says

    Mahalo Rox for the plug and the push from over there in Oahu! By the way the show great and we all had so much fun! Wish you were there! =Ipo=

  17. Aloha Ipo!

    Everybody else: GoMega and MightyJ are going to be at Tiare’s in Kailua Fri, March 9th, and Lily Koi’s in Aiea on Sat March 10th. Go see ’em!


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