Beach Walk 346 – Hiking Hidden Hawai’i

Take a walk in the woods of O’ahu today as we explore hidden trails and insights from Brent.

I usually default to the beach, all beach, nothing but the beach. But our friends Chris and Lana called and invited us on a hike up Aiea Ridge today. Curious timing, as it appears tourism travel to Hawai’i was down slightly last year, as people are wanting to see new places.

I wonder. How much have they wandered off the usual tourist trails? I am guilty of staying with the familiar myself. But today is a good opportunity to change that.

BrentDog – mahalo for the inspiration for today’s show!
Kimo Watanabe – mahalo for today’s music! (“Morning on Haleakala Highway”)
Buy Kimo’s Music Here.

If you like hiking and are coming to O’ahu and like to hike, here’s the book we use: The Hikers Guide to O’ahu. This was hike #16, Aiea Loop.

Hawaiian words
Mauna: mountain
Nalo: hidden
Hele wāwae: to walk, hike

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  1. Wonderful show. As much as I like the usual theme music, today’s guitar piece was just great. An kudos to the editor for the perfectly timed freeze-frame of Brent’s schnozola on the final chord. 🙂

  2. WOW! Another outstanding show, Rox!
    It is truly a gift you give us each day by sharing your wonderful surroundings with us.

    I loved watching Brent and Lexi’s joy at doing the hike with you. They look so happy and carefree.

    Thanks again for another outstanding view of Hawaii.

    NY Nan

  3. David in Galveston, Tx says

    Hiking in hawaii looks like a walk in heaven for lexi and brentdog. Nice music and scenery. Another show that rox 🙂

  4. New Look, New Skills, Nice Job.

  5. Great job with the show guys! The directing was really good on this one. 🙂

  6. Great to see some different scenery. Brentdog’s peculiarity cracks me up. It’s so funny how dogs all have their own personalities. My own beloved dog, Shorty, a 4-pound papillon loves to chase a ball at the beach in NE Fla. But he loves it even more when we turn around to go back because if the surf hasn’t washed them away, he likes to bury his nose in my footprints and track his way back!