Beach Walk 345 – Local Magic

We went snorkeling with the turtles today. There’s magic in your neighborhood too, I suspect.

I really like being in the water and it is always a thrill when I can bring you along with me, Lexi, and Secret Cameraman. Can you believe I lived in this town for two years before I discovered this place at the other end of the beach where there are virtually always honu?

What remains to be discovered within 5 miles of your home?

Hawaiian words
Luʻu: to dive, plunge in the water
Honu: turtle

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  1. OH MY GOSH!
    What a totally, totally, AWESOME vodcast, Rox!!!!!

    I’m here in the frozen north of the Adirondack Mtns. -17 today with the windchill!
    Your video really lifted my spirits.

    Thank you and SCM and Lexie for your wonderful shows each day.
    I wouldn’t miss a day without them.

    NY Nan

  2. David in Galveston, Tx says

    What beautiful sea turtles. Swimming in the ocean and exploring its creatures is so fascinating to watch.

  3. Hola, Rox!
    Thank you so much for being my first ever comment at!
    Every day is a discovery day when immersed in the world of our canine friends. If only we could discover our days with the same sense of wonder that they discover each new scent.

    I think your hair color is magical – I always wanted to go platinum but at $13.00 per 45-minute dog walk I can’t afford the upkeep.


  4. Wonderful honu! especially the one that lost its front leg – seems to be doing ok. They seem to be used to hu-mans (and dogs) 🙂

  5. @nancy and @david – glad you liked it!

    @ amanda – i agree- the critters keep me from spinning out into anxiety on a regular basis. dare i say it, “raise your rates!”?

    @SoCalGal – yes, how about the three-legged honu? doing pretty well considering.