Beach Walk 344 – If you loved me…

The downside of aloha and ‘ohana is that people sometimes use the good feelings to (try and) manipulate you.

As I write the show notes, I realize this idea is bouncing around from here in Hawai’i where I was talking with Jenn of MightyJ and Doctor Trey today all the way to NYC where I was reading Bill’s blog at

It happens not just with friends and family but in business situations too. “If you loved me, you would…” is how it goes in the personal realm. “Can’t you give me a deal…” is the biz version.

Of course it gets down to the energy. Nothing wrong with doing favors for friends and colleagues, but that’s different from the manipulation that comes packed with guilt, pressure, and veiled threats now isn’t it?

Mahalo nui to Chris (Brent’s dad) for filming today while Secret Cameraman was getting an editing lesson online from Bill C. What a great group of guys!

Chris has several sites to check out:

Here’s Bill’s site:

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ʻOhana: family

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