Beach Walk 343 – Freedom & Happiness

Freedom and happiness really influence my views on life and what I choose to let go of in order to have the freedom and the happiness.

This whole thread this week actually started with someone in my yoga class complaining about dirty hand prints on the mirrors…and off my mind went to energy discrepancies, to rules that can’t be followed, to how powerful negotiation is and we can’t have negotiation if we stay stuck in a world of black and white, constructed somewhere in the past.

Hawaiian words
Kūʻokoʻa: freedom
Hauʻoli: happiness

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  1. That was very cool… It’s good to experience… learn.. but then let it go.

  2. Hey Rox! I’m am blown away, on an almost daily basis, with the synchronicity of our lives and your audience. You generally speak to the viewers the substance of my learning/wrestling/celebrating of the previous day and night! This is getting to be very magical.

    Last night, on the life-size sticky note on my wall, I wrote “I’M DONE” and dated it. I was declaring an end to a complaint I had interacted with way too long. Above it in huge capital letters I wrote, “BLISS & ECSTACY!” Now I’ve added, “FREEDOM & HAPPINESS”.

    Mahalo for being a conscious voice of humanity. I love you. B

  3. to Matt & Barbara I have one thing to say: Chicken Skin!!!

  4. Dear Rox and secrete camera guy….I have bee enjoying your walks for about 3 weeks now, and actually am leaving wed for my first visit to Hawaii.
    So your show has been great for scenery and what to wear and bring….
    I am excited to say the least. Going to Kauai.

    Then I discovered a connection with topics you talk about…and it makes
    me smile and chuckle. Todays show reminds me of a great lesson an older dear friend taught me. TO OBSERVE AND DETACH. Which means that you detach yourself personally from some encounters, (moments) and go into observe mode. If you really want to help…..send light to help inspire change.
    Thank you for sharing your world. We all live so parallel sometimes. They say were only 6 degrees apart.
    Marie in brrrrr cold Talent Oregon

  5. @marie – i hope you have a wonderful trip to Kauai; it is a beautiful island especially for nature lovers. LMK if you make ti to O’ahu and want to join us for an episode.

  6. Hello,

    I lived in Hawaii for two years. Loved it!.

    I was thinking that you might have some thoughtrs abouts Gandhi’s 7 Deadly Social Sins

    1] politics without principle

    2] wealth without work

    3] commerce without morality

    4] pleasure without conscience

    5] education without character

    6] science without humanity

    7] worship without sacrifice

    They might make for a good show.

    Thank you for all your doing, David in snowy NY