Beach Walk 341 – A Smile and a Breath

No problems solved today but Lexi found some new friends and we get to share a smile and beautiful scenery.

All kine video sites are showing up that “scrape” the RSS feeds of video hosting sites. Some are being cool (no mods to the movies, links back to the owner’s web site) and that’s also helping us each find new viewers.

Others are sticking ads right in the shows, around the shows, mixing inappropriate as well as irrelevant content, and you got it – not a dime going back to any of the owners of the actual content.

It seems doomed to try to make more rules; time to be even more creative!

Hawaiian words
Minoʻaka: smile
Hanu: breath

Be in Touch!


  1. I appreciated this one… it’s useful to remind ourselves that as much as we would like to pin life down, there are no (or maybe very few) absolutes… that life is incredibly relative. It’s also nice to remember that it’s good to shake our perceptions up and challenge them…. this a healthy way to learn, grow and develop…

  2. Hey Rox,
    Interesting topic today. I brings up one of your common themes that I still have a hard time “wrapping my brain around”. If there are no absolutes and we are free to change our minds from moment to moment , what place do concepts like honor and commitment play in our lives. It seems to me that the two can not co-exist.