Beach Walk 340 – Going to Blogher

I’m speaking at the Blogher Business Conference in New York March 22-23. I think conferences are a great way to get immersed and make connections.

Blogging communities are well known for sharing information freely. And this conference? Well, the (mostly) women who put on this event are amazing in their outreach and determination to enable each person to feel welcome. I hope you’ll consider attending!

Attend Blogher Business
Learn more here.

Hawaiian words
Mahele: to share
ʻIke: knowledge

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  1. Aloha,

    I am Akemi,Japanese girl, who loves Hawaii so much. I am writing this comment from Japan. My English is not good enough so I am sorry if my way of writing is impolite for you.

    I enjoy your program everyday. When I found this site through i-tune, I felt so happy because Kailua is my most favorite place in Hawaii. I am a windsurfer and I always go to Kailua for windsurfing when I visit there. I enjoy your program not only the scenery but your wonderful comments. What you talk about everyday is really helpful for me to move forward toward my dream. I am now trying to move to Hawaii in a year to attend a college. In Japan, it is sometimes difficult to change one’s carrier or start something totally new at my age of 30. But I have a strong will to do it. I feel relieved when I watch your program whenever I feel down. I like your natural way. Big big mahalo for your warm-hearted speaking everyday. And I am the person who loves to work out. This is another reason that I like this site because you always look healthy in the video.

    I hope you have nice and peaceful days!

    Love and Aloha

  2. Are you both (three) going to be in NYC? Or just Rox?

  3. Akemi, your English is a lot better than most folks I know who were born and raised here in the U.S. Best of luck with your studies and hope you can move to Hawaii.

  4. @akemi – mahalo and domo arigato for your comments. I hope you will let us know when you are in Kailua next time!

    @colin – just rox in nyc. want to get together? 🙂

    @socalgal – i agree and mahalo for you being so warm and inviting to others here on beach walks.

  5. Nice!