Beach Walk 339 – Get Fit with Rox

I’m getting a Nike Plus for my iPod. Anybody else want to help each other get fit?

A while ago, Secret Cameraman got a Nike Plus which is a gadget that connects to your iPod and along with a show sensor, measures the miles you walk/run. It then tracks it for you in this beautiful online interface and allows you to connect with others in setting goals, etc.

I’ve been missing a fair amount of my regular exercise, so I bought one today with the hope that a new gadget will help me get back on track. If you already use a Plus or just want to set some goals that we in the Beach Walks community can support you in meeting, then please leave me a comment and we’ll figure out a way to make it happen.

What are your goals? Do you find fitness easy or challenging or irrelevant?

Hawaiian words
Holoholo: to take a walk
Hoʻoholo: to run, move swiftly
Hana like: to do together

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  1. Hi Rox,
    Wondering if you purchased the Nike shoes that have the “pocket” for the sensor. I wanted to get this software for my girlfriend, but she doesn’t have the special shoes. Are they necessary? I read that sometimes the sensor doesn’t work with regular running shoes. Any thoughts? Enjoy the new toy. Just purchased an iPod for my office and I think that I’ll be using it for personal enjoyment as well.

  2. Count me in! I turn into a couch potato during the winter in the mountains. This would be a perfect solution. Then I will not feel like i am taking a crash course to get fit for paddling every spring. When do we start?

  3. @amy: I bought the case that goes under the laces by Marware. The Apple Store employee I spoke with said that is what he uses. Mind you, I haven’t actually used it yet…as today the winds are gusting at 60 mph!

    @mindy – hard to believe a grand athlete like you but that sure makes my okole feel better. i’m working on a plan; glad to here you are interested!

  4. Yeah I made a goal to get back to the gym more but my schedule sucks right now and just makes it so hard. I have a new schedule coming in feb so I should be able to get back in full swing by then.

  5. David in Galveston, Tx says

    I’ve had my Nike Plus for a couple of months now. You would be suprised just how many people actually used it for the houston marathon. Its popularity with the ipod community (young and old) is growing fast. Some of its best features are so useful during the race. Keeps me on my pace and helps me train. Secret Camera Man…make sure you stick with Roxy during training…it always helps to have others for support and commerodery. Best of luck in your kick to be fit rox 😀

  6. @clintus – i have the same challenge. i am going to set micro goals – literally 10-15 minute runs I think so i can be sure to get started doing something.

    @david – will you be our guru? 🙂 when sc’s knees aren’t hurting, he can kick my okole these days. it’s hard to believe how out of shape i have gotten. i used to be a trainer & coach myself; i can really feel for my former clients!