Beach Walk 337 – Conch Connections

So many connections being made throughout Beach Walks. Check previous show comments for even more!

I met a Beach Walks viewer yesterday who lives in Michigan and is moving to Hawai’i, Tommy C. Beach Walks commenters are giving each other (and us!) handy tips and insights. Colin Devroe called in on the conch line. Based on that masthead photo on your site Colin, it does look cold where you are.

I just love all of this connecting!

Hawaiian words
Hoʻokuʻi: connect

Be in Touch!


  1. Hey! Glad my conch-call came through (though I apologize for the quality I’ll try to do better next time).

    Congrats to Tommy C. on his decision to move to Hawaii. I think that’s great and I wish I had the ability to do the same someday (though I’m leaning towards New Zealand at the moment).

    Here is a topic for a show sometime. How can someone want to live somewhere when they’ve never even been there? I have never been to New Zealand yet I’ve done a fair amount of research, I subscribe to the New Zealand Flickr tag, etc. – and I really want to move there even if just for a year or so. Am I weird?

  2. Very clever! I got a much-needed laugh when you answered the Conch-Line! James

  3. Not weird at all. Looks like my se asia show is really calling here…if I can remember to talk about it!

  4. I’m so happy to have been able to meet two wonderful people. I’m looking forward to new adventures and lasting friends soon. Aloha No… A Hui Hou !!