Beach Walk 335 – Mighty J Part 2

Mailani, Tiki, and Jenn of Mighty J, an all-women band from here in Hawai’i, debut a new song, “Girls Night Out.”

I love this new song by Mighty J.

We met these awesome wahine on yesterday’s show:
Mailani is one half of the local favorite, Keahiwai one of my favorites. Here’s Mai’s MySpace page too,
Tiki is from Milo Shade,
Jenn plays with Kanalo and Simple Souls.

More laughter and aloha in today’s show. Listen to the lyrics; they are right on.

Hawaiian words
Wahine: woman
Mele: sing, music
Kolu: three

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  1. David in Galveston, Tx says

    Wow…these girls have such great voices…and the music is fantastic. Yall have a fresh rythmic song with a modern soul to life. Keep up the great work girls….i see that song going places. Let me know when you have a cd. I would definately buy it :)

  2. Thanks David from Texas for the wonderful comment! That’s really encouraging to hear…

    Once again… thanks to the beachwalks crew. Rox, Mahalo much for the opportunity. :)

  3. Nice job Mighty J and Beach Walks! That was excellent and I really enjoyed the show. When do get get more?

  4. WOW they are beautiful and amazing. The only way for them is UP. I would like to thank SCM for the great job he did on this and every Beachwalks episode. Rox this could be an off shoot job you could do. You could interview up and coming bands for your beachwalks shows. The tie in is Hawaian music…

  5. Great job, great episode. I saw S… Secret Cameraman!

    Any way to get some of this music? I visited their site, but there is nothing to buy/download.

  6. WOW!!!! That was great. Not only great to hear but great to see the girls having so much fun doing it. If they don’t have a CD out as yet I hope it is coming soon. I would love to have it.

    Super show. The editing was awesome. One of your best yet.

  7. Umm, sorry peeps. That back you saw with headphones in this episode was a guest cameraman, not the “real” secret cameraman!! SC was on the handheld walking around!

    Keep trying though…and here’s a hint. He did appear briefly in a very early episode of Beach Walks. Explore the dark days of winter in one of our march 2006 shows.

    I think they are working on a download soon; and the CD will be ready soon too. I’ll keep y’all posted!

  8. Loved the show. As usual, Beach Walks has done a spectacular job.

    Thanks from California.

  10. David in Galveston, Tx says

    I have seen secret camera man. Lets just say if you search really closely on flickr…you will find him, rox, and lexi. I did the other day. I love all your bumperstickers too rox.

  11. Those girls rock! Go Mighty J, and here’s another who will buy CD or whatever distribution method. Rox, you should let ccChapman and Dave Slusher know about Mighty J — they are such big independent musician supporters, promoters. I recall Tim Bourquin at PME mentioned about setting up a concert at the PME 2007 – wouldn’t it be cool if somehow you Hawaiian podcasters could bring a group over to play. Just dreamin’ :)

    Ah, I guess Secret remains secretive too :)

  12. Surfwahine says

    Awesome Wahine !!! Love the Energy! Thanks Rox for sharing their fun loving spirit with us!! Rock On Mighty J !!!
    Mahalo!! :)

  13. Thanks for all the great comments. We had a blast with Mighty J and Dr. Trey. Drinks and Pu Pus (appetizers) followed the shoot and we eventually ended up at a Karaoke bar right here in Kailua.

    You haven’t done Karaoke until you’ve done it with Mailani from Mighty J!!

    Mighty J will definitely be visiting Beach Walks again.

    @David from TX: Just you hush now. No reason to send everyone scurrying around the Internets looking for lil ‘ol me. ;-)

  14. @SoCalGal: Great idea on CC and Slusher. Once we get clearance from Mighty J that they have a podsafe song available we’ll definitely be putting out the call to fellow pod/videocasters.

    CC’s first on the list!

    Interesting you mentioned Dave Slusher. His was one of the very first podcasts I listened to, and one of the very first in the world, back in September 2004. I did my first audio podcast shortly after in October 2004 when there were only 32 podcasts in the known world. We all pretty much listened to each other because there were so few of us back then. I’ll definitely check back in with Dave and check out his recent shows.

  15. David in Galveston, Tx says

    I’ve got the Mighty J song…stuck in my head now. Keep up the great work :D

  16. @David in TX: Me too! After filming and then several hours of editing, “Girl’s Night Out” is burned into my gray matter.

    Can’t think of a better song to be looping through my head. It puts a little groove in your step when you’re walking down the street!

  17. It was nice listening to some music with a hawaiin flair. They have very
    nice, easy voices to listen to.

  18. Hey! if you are still following these comments, please go Digg this episode and let’s give them some more attention.

  19. Beth in Paris says

    Merci and mahalo from France.

  20. Mighty J is Awesome.

    This show was great. I would love to see more like these.


  21. mighty j you guyz rock my world! love you all!!! thanks for hooking me up with BEACH WALKS! and mahalo to DOCTOR TREY for the hook up too! Kanoa


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